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#7261: You're serious, aren't you.

I stopped reading Jalopnik because they're part of Gawker, but recently I've started reading again, and came across this one today: Go down to "5th gear: Nobody 'earns' $80 billion."
Elon Musk is now the fourth-richest person in the world. You hate to see it.

[blockquote redacted]

He better put all of it on free internet and cheap spaceflight, is all I'm saying. Should probably try to feed or house a few million people too, if he finds time to care.
What? No complaints about Mark Zuckerberg, who is the third richest person in the world?

On the contrary, I do not hate to see it; I love it. I think Elon Musk ought to be worth ten times that much just because of what he's doing for the commercialization of space. How many people does he employ at Tesla and SpaceX? How many jobs did his internet banking venture (which eventually became PayPal) create?

Elon Musk may be crazy, but all of that is offset by the fact that he uses his money to do useful things. While other members of the billionaires' club concentrate on getting richer, or on their various left-wing foundations, Musk is building the future.

Good! I hope he gets so stinking filthy rich that those Gawker assholes seethe with rage every time his name is mentioned.

* * *

What the hell is going on in Florida? Someone found a live air-to-air missile in its shipping container.

How do you just lose something like that?

* * *

Barack Obama is so out of touch, he thinks that people still get Social Security checks through the mail.

* * *

"Protestors", they say, but the picture they selected has a person holding a sign that says "DEATH TO AMERIKKKA". It's captioned, "Demonstrators marching on a roadway during a protest against police brutality and the death of George Floyd, on May 31, 2020, in Miami, Florida."

Yeah, "Death to Amerikkka" is the natural sentiment expressed by someone who thinks that the police engage in racist violence on a routine basis.

Earth to Arse Technica: your bias is showing. Then again, when does it not?

* * *

Similar "protestors" are now hunting down transgenders and beating the stuffing out of them, because Black Lives Matter. The press is not reporting this violence against transgendered people because it doesn't want to make Burn Loot Murder look bad; and the transgender community is taking the lumps and remaining silent about it because, as Ace explains, "Their shrieks about violence are simply political primal scream therapy and not to be taken as anything more than noise."

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here wondering if I should pop a bowl of popcorn. The left is losing its mind!

* * *

Well, certainly won't be buying any Goodyear products anytime soon. Goodyear allows its employees to wear Burn Loot Murder apparel, but not Make America Great Again apparel. They're saying there that they "ask" that their employees refrain from political advocacy in the workplace that "falls outside of racial justice and equity issues".

How very convenient: they set the rule to allow the speech they like, to forbid speech they don't like, and then wrap themselves in the mantle of tolerance.
As we detailed earlier, a slide that purports to be from Goodyear's diversity training has leaked and appears to show that the company considers "Blue Lives Matter," "All Lives Matter," and "MAGA" attire "unacceptable," while at the same time encouraging "Black Lives Matter" and "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride (LGBT)" attire.

The differences are shown under a slide that appears to be outlining a zero tolerance policy. Aptly named, if we say so ourselves.

As The Gateway Pundit put it, the slide appears to be "zero tolerance" against support for police or conservative values. Which, of course, flies in the face of actually engaging in the values of tolerance and equality.
The simple fact is that BLM and LGBT attire is supporting a political stance, which they say their policy is meant to exclude. The slide itself says, under "Zero Tolerance", that "Political Affiliated Slogans or Material" are "unacceptable". But, "Black Lives Matter" is the name of an avowed marxist political organization, and therefore should be considered "unacceptable". Right?

...except that the people making these decisions are left-wing asshats so of course the apparel that supports the marxism and the leftism and the socialism are perfectly fine.

So: fuck Goodyear with a rusty chainsaw, until and unless they get their mind right.

* * *

Chicago really is being sacked. When you have looters driving up with rental trailers and packing them full of merchandise--

We used to shoot looters. Now we let them pack U-hauls. This is called "racial justice".

* * *

The indians had an agricultural civilization here, once. It fell long before the white man really took an interest in the New World, though. Probably disease, some kind of plague, wiped out so many people that their population could no longer be supported by agriculture: just too few hands to do the necessary work.

That's my theory.

* * *

Three days into "Endless Eight" already--

August 17 was supposed to be a hot day, a good one to go to the pool--it wasn't. But August 18 was a "ridiculously nice day," as was today. Tuesday was bug catching; I'm not sure what today was supposed to be.

Then again, I'm not a carefree high school student.

* * *

Came within a couple of inches of taking the bike to work today, but didn't. Oh well!

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