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#7263: The big flame-out

Limbaugh talked about the Democrat "convention" again today, and he pointed out that absolutely none of the people who have spoken so far have said anything at all positive. Not even traditionally pro-American sentiments that all Americans are supposed to agree with to one extent or another, traditional things. But they also haven't talked about immigration, education, taxation, welfare, the environment--things which are staples of a convention, you know, the so-called planks of the party's platform. Not a word about them.

Let's face it: the Democrats know they can't tell us what they want to do, because if they do that, they'll lose every single elected office above dog catcher.

Immigration: they want to open the borders wide and let in anyone who comes here, immediately granting them full welfare benefits, legalizing anyone who's here illegally, and importing that permanent underclass they so desperately need.

Education: whatever the current education budget is, double it--still not enough so they'd plan to double it again in two years.

Taxation: not nearly enough taxes being collected, so they'd raise them significantly.

Welfare: see above, "immigration", but they'd institute a "universal basic income".

Environment: "Green New Deal" which would be an enormous economic disaster, but they'd push it through anyway.

None of which will get them votes, and they know it. They can't tell the truth because that will alienate the actual voters out there--but they can't lie and say they want the opposite of those things, because the leftist fringe (their core constituency) will abandon them in outrage.

Limbaugh went on to discuss Obama's speech. I was not willing to watch it. He characterized the press coverage beforehand as if they were expecting the second coming to occur just as soon as Obama opened his mouth...and were disappointed at what they got.

Problem is, they believed their own puff pieces about Obama being a "great orator", when in fact all he was really good at was reading words off a teleprompter. They were expecting the Obama that they wrote about during his administration, not the actual real Obama, and of course the reality was somewhat divorced from the hagiography that went to print during those years.

Tonight will be Biden's acceptance speech. Should I watch it? It's not live--it'll be taped--so there's no way to tell how they recorded it, or when. But a fiver says it's a patchwork of lucid moments recorded over the course of several days, rather than an actual, continuous speech, because Biden lacks the mental capacity for that.

* * *

Holy crap, nothing like making it BLEEDING OBVIOUS, I always say. Cuties, which is about an 11-year-old girl exploring her femininity through...twerking.

Hi, we're NetFlix, and we support the legalization of pedophilia because we're a big media company and of course we do, just like Disney and all the rest of them.
The plot involves an 11-year old fundamentalist Senegalese Muslim girl who is tempted away from her culture by a clique of whorish white 11-year-old slutty girtls who form a super-sexy "twerking" dance troupe, and half the screentime is devoted to obvious softcore child porn of nearly naked actual 11-year-old actresses doing grotesque sex-imitating twerks and pole dances -- obviously intended to just titillate the pedo male French audience....
WTF, guys!

It won a bunch of film festival awards, of course.

Can someone explain to me why modern leftism seems so inextricably linked to sexual perversion?

* * *

Oh, this is rich! CNN says, "Trump wants GOP to court black voters--then slams voting rights for felons." CNN is thereby implying rather strongly that blacks are all felons.

Amazingly, incredibly racist of them, isn't it?

* * *

So where are all the stories being critical of "white flight" from NYC? Moving companies are so busy, they're turning away business. The taxation and the crime and the rioting and the looting--people have had enough, and they're leaving, in record numbers.

What happens to a city that loses its tax base?

Something like this.
You cut back on policing, of course, But then you cut back on sanitation. That is, on garbage pickup. Instead of picking up the garbage every weekday, you pick it up three times a week.
And the rat population explodes.

...rats carry the fleas that carry yersinia pestis, AKA THE BLACK FUCKING PLAGUE.

Do you understand what's happening here? Even though the source of the disease is well-understood, even though the death rate of this thing puts COVID-19 into its proper perspective as nothing more than a bad cold, even though it laughs at antibiotics and if you're symptomatic you're already dead, these fools running NYC have set up the perfect conditions for an outbreak of it.

A Black Plague pandemic would be very, very bad for everyone. Right now it looks like even money where it will start: San Francisco, or NYC.

Meanwhile Portland, OR, is seeing the same kind of exodus as NYC is, and for much the same reasons. I think we're past 60 days of continuous horseshit from the communists out thataway, and it's wrecked the tax base of that city.

Of course the people of Portland will keep voting Democrat.

* * *

Larry Correia completely wrecks a leftist meme. "I've got to comment on this dumb ass meme, because the smug leftists who are sharing it to mock the people in it are playing right into the Republicans' hands."


* * *

Hollywood prepares to take a runny, maggoty shit all over the Mercury astronauts.
Per the official premise, the series will be a "gritty, anti-nostalgic look at what would become America's first reality show as the obsessive original Mercury Seven astronauts and their families become instant celebrities in a competition that will either kill them or make them immortal.
The fact that Arse Technica loves it is indication enough that it'll be nothing but small-minded assholes tearing down the great accomplishments of great men...because those men were American heroes.

* * *

And so we return to Chicago, where it's all going the same way the other blue cities are.

This is why the Democrat version of the relief bill is something like four trillion dollars.
"If we don't get [revenue replacement] help from the federal government, we have nothing but bad choices, including looking at layoffs and looking at furloughs," Lightfoot said.
Chicago has been living beyond its means for a very long time, and there's no end in sight of that. The Democrats in D.C. really want to bail out their state and municipal brethren so the parties can continue.

$700 million short, Chicago is...but they're sure keeping the city locked down tight, so no one can make a living and pay taxes! And letting all the rioters and looters get away with their crimes because they're fellow travelers!

Her answer is to outlaw "peaceful demonstrations" in her own neighborhood, of course. She says that she has a right to be safe and secure in her home. You peons out there, you're not important like she is, so you can go scratch; but she has a right to be safe!

So, no protests or demonstrations in her neighborhood are allowed at all.

You think I'm surprised? Ha! I expect hypocrisy from a Democrat three times before breakfast. This is the same woman who went and got her hair done after shutting down all the hair salons in the city, because "I can't cut my own hair!"

* * *

Good! The Burn-Loot-Murder asshole who kicked a man in the face, he's on the lam.

Turns out that he's a Rhodes' Scholar YES THAT IS SARCASM:
He has a lengthy criminal record which includes charges for domestic assault, interfering with public transport, driving without a license, domestic harassment and guns charges.
So the asshat is begging people on social media to give him money, of course.

* * *

Audio from the Goodyear training turns out to make quite explicit the fact that their policy bans right-wing speech while allowing left-wing speech.
It is perhaps because of the leak of this audio -- and because the company already lost 6% of their stock value yesterday -- that Goodyear has now partially retracted its clearly biased (and racially biased, to boot) policy.

They'll allow pro-police messages on masks.

And that's it. They're still claiming that support of the avowedly Marxist, grievance terrorism group Black Lives Matter is not "political," nor is pushing "Love is Love" and other messaging of the Sexual Fringe Left, but that supporting Republicanism or Trump is political (and on The Wrong Side of History).

But they can't claim you can agitate against cops but not for cops, so they have made that single allowance.

And I doubt they'll really allow it -- anyone wearing a Blue Lives Matter mask can expect to be harassed for a welter of petty complaints until they get the message and stop wearing that mask that they're now supposedly permitted to wear.
You know it, I know it--anyone who actually takes advantage of this is going to find himself hounded right out of a job. The retribution will be very carefully managed but it will be done to anyone who dares avail himself of this.

I like the video of the guy taking down the sign from his shop. No More Goodyear.

* * *

Rode the bike back to work after lunch, then took a ride after work to the store to get some stuff, then gassed her up and puttered around town a bit. Very enjoyable!

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