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#7266: Well, more purgatory time I guess

Told Og about having to make a new roof for the cupola over the garage, and he said (foolishly) "Come on by and I'll cut the panels for you."

Got up around 11:20-ish, strapped a sheet of plywood to the top of the Jeep, and headed over that way. He was in the middle of a project (of course) which involved the use of a table saw and a compound mitre saw, so he was already set up for carpentry; and once his own project got to the point where he had to wait for adhesive to cure, he set to work on the roof.

He made a drawing in SolidWorks first, to get the angles right; then using some scraps from his project made a model to test that the bevels etc were correct. Then, with a very small amount of help from me, ripped the sheet of plywood into manageable chunks and hacked out the four roof panels. He beveled them with the table saw, and then made with the screws and Gorilla Glue...with the result that I've got, in the back of the Jeep, a complete roof for the cupola, reinforced where the weathervane will bolt in, needing only paint and cladding.

The plywood is exterior grade; a good coat of exterior paint will keep it in good shape for a very long time, and of course it'll be clad in tin or aluminum or copper or something. The original was covered with aluminum sheeting, painted black, so that would do fine.

Lord knows if I had tried to make that thing myself, using the tools I have on hand, it would have taken me much longer and it would not have turned out nearly as well as this did.

So, Og, I must again volunteer to take some of your time in Purgatory.

* * *

Mentally unhinged Biden supporter obviously needs to be in the psych ward. If you are so outraged at the sight of a MAGA hat that you snatch one off the head of a 7-year old, and follow it with screaming obscenities at him and his mother, you're too dangerous to be loose.

* * *

Interesting that Democrats now see Russians behind every bush. The New McCarthyism!

* * *

One million people have left NYC this year. That's on the order of ten percent of the population of the city and on top of it, it's the richest ten percent, because they're the ones who can afford to do it!

The post then seques into what this has done for the price of high-end properties in NYC--namely, slash demand and wreck the market such that some places are selling for half of their asking price. To be fair, the housing market in NYC at that end of the scale has been in decline for some time, but it's accelerating, and if you're willing to take fifty percent of your asking price, what does that say about your desire to get out of that market ASAMFP?

Speaking of which--Og spent some time talking about some properties available on his side of the border, and a couple of them sounded fantastic. One out by his friend Partner's house, about $250k, on seven acres of land, sounded wonderful since it has indoor parking for six cars and the house is recently renovated....

* * *

I agree, this sounds like a malpractice lawsuit to me.

I can never keep the legal definitions straight. If you're a doctor and you deliberately decide not to order common-sense diagnostic measures for a head injury, is "mal-" the correct prefix, or should it be "mis-"? The difference between misfeasance and malfeasance is important in a legal context, and it ought to be as well for the case of mispractice versus malpractice.

Of course, one of them is meant to happen; the other is unintentional. That is, I believe, the main reason for using two different prefixes. But I don't really know.

* * *

Burn-Loot-Murder and antifa are taking to terrorizing the suburbs now and it is not going to go well for them if they try to make good on the threat that's implied by their late-night disturbances of the peace.

Walking through the neighborhood making noise is one thing. Smashing windows, vandalizing cars, setting fires--someone else pointed out that the instant you start trying to set peoples' homes on fire you are playing an entirely different game from when you're merely torching businesses.

* * *

I was originally intending to go to Menards after finishing up at Og's place, but by the time we were done I was flat. Not used to being out in the heat for hours at at time, and had not taken enough fluids with me for the time it took. We were in the garage, out of the sun, but also out of the wind.

But! He loaned me the tools to recharge the Jeep's AC! I can pump that mother down and fill with R-134a! I'll have air conditioning again!

Tomorrow I'll go to Menards and buy paint and the other stuff I need to finish repairing the cupola. Need to have it completely fixed by the end of the week.

Same time, I need to buy some specialized bathroom ceiling paint, but I only need a quart of it.

Og told me about some wonderful products and gave me some great ideas for the outdoor repairs I need to make--things that would make future repairs completely unnecessary, because instead of using wood that can rot, I can use concrete lumber (something I did not know about until today) which can be manipulated just like wood but which isn't, and can be immersed in water continually without degrading. How about a fence in the front yard that won't rot? New box columns for the front porch, made out of plastic and absolutely indistinguishable in appearance from the wooden ones there now?

I do not have to fix this house up exactly the way my Dad would have. I need to get my mind out of that particular rut, and realize that maintenance-free is the way to go, and start finding ways to fix up the bunker's exterior which I will only have to do once.

...which is why I'd wanted to do a good job fixing the cupola. I'm too old to withstand a fall off the roof and I don't like heights anyway; I'm pretty confident that whatever solution I would have come up with on my own would have been much more durable than what it replaces, but the cupola roof that Og made today will probably last 20 years or more. Which is fantastic, because a cupola roof that lasted only as long as the last two or three that it has had would mean that the next time it needs it, I'd have to pay someone to go up there and fix it. (7-10 years.)

Same time that I got the remains of the cupola roof off Friday night, I also took down the satellite dish. We have cable and that thing was ugly, and the wires were whoever installed it. I still need to tidy up that mess but most of the rest of it can be done from inside.

Concrete 2x4s would be great for replacing the trellis by the back door, come to think of it, if I don't come up with a better idea first.

* * *

Anyway, on my way home from Og's place, instead of Menard's, I went to Reubens and got carry-out: fajitas, which we haven't had since MARCH because COVID-19. I bought a diet Pepsi at the same time and then drank it all down while waiting in the truck for my food to be ready. Got home and pigged out, eating four loaded fajitas bam-bam-bam-bam; and then contrary to every instruction there is about GERD ended up taking a nap with my wife shortly thereafter.

I am really, REALLY getting sick of this crap. I mean, we're on like day 160 of a 15-day lockdown, FFS.

* * *

The infographic about COVID-19 transmission rates, according to our government, is hilarious.

Bonus hilarity, this song title: "It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long."

* * *

Anyway, that's it for Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday and I have more work to do. I don't expect the cupola to be done by Sunday night, but certainly I ought to have it painted and partly assembled by then. Final assembly should take place soon, and then hopefully I won't have to fret about it again.

Here's hoping!

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