atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,


Fajitas for breakfast, went to Harbor Freight and Menards for tools and supplies, spent far too much money (but it was in the budget) and was hypoglycemic while shopping at Menards. FFS!

Got home, unloaded the truck, went to KFC for chicken--my wife and I demolished a $20 Meal Deal, somehow. It's a complete chicken (2 legs, 2 thighs, 2 wings, 2 breasts), biscuits, potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, biscuits--and the chicken is gone already. Should have spent $10 more and got the $30 one, which includes a bucket of 8 tenders.

Anyway, I lied down for 20 minutes or so after eating dinner and read manga, then got up and went out to the garage to sort through things. One of the things I bought at Menards was a nice big box of 55 gallon contractor bags; and I took all the aluminum cans which have been accumulating and put them into 2 of those. 1.67 bags full of cans. Sorted out the satellite dish, which I'm also going to recycle. Hoping to take that nonsense, and all the old batteries which have been accumulating, over to the scrap yard on Thursday afternoon.

Came back in, feeling hypoglycemic again! WTF! The last two pieces of chicken and a cup of noodles took care of that, though.

Anyway, tomorrow afternoon, after work, I'm going to put a coat of paint on the cupola roof, then see if I can't get up on the house and start making with the wood stabilizer and putty on the moulding around the perimeter of the cupola base. Scrape the lichen, moss, and old paint off the thing, start prepping it for new paint, too. We're supposed to have clear weather until Friday.

I will have to go somewhere to get some cladding for the roof, but I don't need it just yet.

* * *

This has been a pretty decent weekend, though, all told. Can't complain.

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