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#7269: Of course it's like finding hen's teeth! Why wouldn't it be?

Trying to find a quart of vacuum pump oil so I can use Og's vacuum pump (which is low on oil) to draw a vacuum in the Jeep's AC and refill it with fresh refrigerent.

First thing I do is go to O'Reilly's, where Og told me to go. They gave me a quart of compressor oil. Get home, send a text to Og, "Compressor oil okay?" His response was so vehemently negative I thought he was kidding at first. Nope: needs to be vacuum pump oil. Okay.

Check O'Reilly's site; they have it. Go to the store and of course it's not in stock, but they can order it! Thank them and leave, call Advance; not in stock, but they can order it! Autozone doesn't sell it but has it as part of their tool loaner program, so I could buy a half-bottle from them.

Og himself can get me some on Thursday. Amazon can deliver it by Wednesday. NAPA says ("says"!) they have it in stock, in a store I never go to, but of course they're closed, so I took a chance and bought it and arranged for in-store pickup tomorrow, immediately after work.

Hot weather this week, peaking Wednesday, after which it will be cool (if I get my AC fixed) or very very hot (if I do not).

This kind of thing is the pattern every time I try to fix something, so why the fuck am I still so surprised and frustrated when it happens? I ought to be used to this fucking horseshit by now. It's always one little part that causes the huge motherfucking headaches.

* * *

EAT SHIT you withered old communist hag! If any political party is a "domestic enemyof the State" it's the fucking Democrats, and you know it, you clapped-out Botox junkie!

* * *

EAT SHIT you fucking communst wastes of protoplasm! State of California wants to impose a wealth tax on people who have left the state in the last decade.
The tax would target not only current residents but anyone who has what the bill classifies as wealth and who has lived in California any time in the past 10 years. It would use a sliding scale based on the number of years a taxpayer lived in the state.
I can think of half a dozen reasons that shit wouldn't pass constitutional muster but the most obvious one is that there's no way in hell a person should be subject to a state tax for anytime other than years he lived and/or worked there.

"The state needs the tax," says the bloated sack of shit that sponsored the bill. Well, too fucking bad. Perhaps the state of California ought to learn how to spend money more efficiently. It already features the highest taxes in the country.

The article is chock-full of the usual marxist shit-gobbling about "fairness" and "the wealthy paying their fair share" and "equitable tax structure" and the rest of it, of course.

* * *

Unfunny communist HBO douchebag gets a sewage treatment plant named after him.

Failed comedian John Olivery is angry that the target of his rant named a sewage treatment plant after him. Got to love that, I suppose.

If I understand this, John Oliver was the one who started it, getting up and talking a lot of smack about the town. Don't dish it out if you can't take it, snowflake.

* * *

I keep telling you that crime is a tool of leftism.

If you want to know how, read this. High crime demoralizes and destabilizes society and engenders the crisis that leftists exploit to seize power.

The crime is the point. To look at Democrat "justice reform" measures and be critical of them because they lead to an increase in crime is the result of not understanding what the measures are for. If crime increases, then those measures are working exactly as intended. COVID-19 gave them an excuse to release every hardened criminal they could possibly release. "But aren't they worried about the crimes they'll commit?" Hardly! The Democrat politicians are insulated from that crime--they don't live in those neighborhoods, even if they represent them!--and have armed bodyguards to boot. The Democrat politicians never suffer the consequences of releasing violent felons from jail, but given enough time they certainly will reap the benefits: a populace that sacrifices all liberty in order to gain safety.

You'd have to be a fool to think that the left doesn't understand what it's doing, continually dredging all these policies and measures which don't work and create chaos, time and again. The left knows that their ideology always leads to mass death, but they don't care. The ability to murder millions of people without consequence is power. The ability to force people to live in crime-infested ghettoes is power. The ability to make people pay ruinous taxes and live in shitholes is power.

That's really all there is to it.

* * *

Anyway, because of the vacuum pump fiasco I ended up getting nothing else done. I'm pretty pissed off about it, but all I can do is try again tomorrow.


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