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#7270: Cool, man! Cool!

Had to go to the near off-site this morning; when I left there it was close to lunch time so I checked my email and found that NAPA did indeed have vacuum pump oil and my order was ready for pickup--and it was quite literally a mile from where I was waiting at the traffic light, so I hooked a right turn and picked it up.

Because of how things worked out, I went home for lunch, put oil into the vacuum pump and hooked it up, then let it do its thing while I wolfed lunch, and then tried to refill the system once I was done.

No go.

Problem one, I'd forgotten there are two valves on the low side line, not one, so the vacuum pump had spent about fifteen, twenty minutes sucking the air out of the hose. Problem two, the kit I borrowed from Og is for the old-style cans that you puncture to open, and the cans I'd bought are more like aerosol cans: they have a valve in them.

Anyway, gave up and went back to work.

Once done with work, went to O'Reilly's to borrow an AC recharge thingy, and what answer did I get? "I'd have to order it."


"This is actually a car parts shop, isn't it?"

Went across the street to Advance. They don't have that particular bit of kit in their tool loaner program but they did have a set for sale, and by then I was desperate enough--but there was no price on it, and I happened to mention to the guy helping me why I needed it, and he said, "Here. $3 adaptor, that'll do what you need."

Went home with a song in my heart--finally!--hooked up the vacuum pump, and then just let it go for about 20 minutes while I put a coat of paint on the roof for the cupola.

Finished that, checked things over, decided that was probably enough--and then realized something very important: "How much OIL do I need to put in that thing?"

Went inside, did a check on-line, and learned that the system wants 5 ounces. I had one can with 1 oz of oil in it, which was simply not enough. And so I put everything away again, got into the Jeep, went back to Advance, and bought oil for the thing. Actual AC oil, "ester oil", viscosity rating of 100? I don't know, but that's what the web site said to use, that I got my capacity information from. Bought that and a box of assorted AC o-rings, went home; poured 4 ounces of oil into the compressor, bringing the oil level up to the input port. Looked at the seals on the manifold, and thought, "Those are going to leak," so I tried this and that o-ring out until I got something on there that felt like it would seal, but I wasn't happy about it. Thought that the best thing to do would be to go back to the parts store yet again and get the right seals.

Then I remembered: I put the old compressor into the box that the new one had come in. Dug it out, opened the box, had a gander--presto, there's a pair of new seals! Wasted no time taking the o-rings out and putting the factory-correct seals in their place, then gave the bolt an extra nip with the wrench to make sure it was tight.

Now--now--I was ready to go.

Started the vacuum pump, set the valves so it could suck the air out of the system; then went inside and read manga and chatted with my wife for a while. After about twenty minutes, went outside, closed the valves, and shut the pump off.

The line to the can was leaking. Pretty badly, too--spraying around the fitting--so I tried this and that and the other thing, and finally reversed the line so the fiddly fitting was on the can end rather than the gauge end. (It was probably just loose, FFS.) Still, after perhaps twenty, thirty minutes of fapping around like a moron who didn't know what I was doing, the stars aligned for me and the pressure gauge started rising! And after a few more moments CLICK WHIR the AC compressor started turning!

It shut off again right away as the pressure dropped on the low side, but I just kept slowly tipping the can from horizontal to vertical the way they say to do it, and as I did, the "on" periods gradually started to get longer. By the time I'd gotten the whole can in, the compressor was running continually, but I knew I still had to get another 11 ounces of refrigerant in the thing.

I may actually have put in a little too much. The first can was 11 ounces of refrigerent and three ounces of other stuff, like UV dye (for leak detection) and stuff. The second can was also part refrigerent, part drying agent, and part stop-leak, but I'm not sure of the exact proportions. Some gas got out from the leaking supply line (before I swapped ends) and more got out when I pulled the hose off the low-side fitting, because the Schrader valve didn't close at first. Still, I expect there's a bit more than the proper 20 ounces of R-134a in there.

At long and dear last, cold air was coming from the vents inside the truck! I cleared things away and took her around the block, and it blew cold. Then I took a longer trip out to Taco Bell; and by the time I was coming back into town I had to turn the blower down because it was getting too cool in the truck!

Anyway--the job is done, even though I feel as if I've given birth to a clone of Nicolas Carnot.

* * *

So, going to add the usual bloggeration to this post instead of starting a new one.

It's usually not legal to fire "warning shots". Still, he didn't have to kill anyone, so I suppose that's a good thing.

* * *

"Lunatic conspiracy theory" covers it nicely. "Melania Trump redesigned the Rose Garden so that the bushes spell 'KKK'!"


* * *

So, the Tsar Bomba, all 56 megatons, was a 3-stage weapon and the Russians recently declassified a documentary about it. Really cool stuff there.

We don't really need them that big, though.

* * *

Plus side, Tuesday is over, and tomorrow is Wednesday.

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