atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7272: Comfortable drive

So, realized something: month over on Monday, and Jeep's plates expire same day. Because I was leaving work at noon to go see doc, I realized I might just have time to get that done! So instead of going home, I went to get the truck smogged instead.

Quick buzz up a major highway, not quite as far as my far offsite; "Wait time two minutes"--not bad!--basically in and out and renewed my plates at the attached office by 12:35. Stunning fast, and home at 1 PM.

I'm going to be getting new plates, they tell me, so the sticker just has a "T" on it for "Temporary". The plates need to be replaced since the paint is delaminating. That's fine.

AND of course the price went up again. $150. Jeeze louise.

* * *

I think we've reached the point where CNN has jumped the shark. CNN tried to describe arson as "firey but mostly peaceful protest" because "rioters bused in from Chicago are wrecking private property" does not fit the narrative.

The rioters are paid to do it, and they are part of a network of communist organizations whose aim is demoralization and destabilization.

* * *

Anywhere I went today it was pleasant inside the Jeep. AC worked splendidily.

Tomorrow's Friday. Can't wait until it's 6 PM Friday and I'm home from work.

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