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#7274: All about the riots

After that stupid delusional letter addressed to President Trump, mayor of Portland spends a difficult night being harassed by Burn-Loot-Murder and antifa. Wonder if he will have a change of heart now, the way Seattle's mayor did?

Probably not. This one's delusional and stupid.

* * *

You organize the protest, you get the bills for it. What, did she think that the local authorities could just let three dozen people gather, unsupervised, in the name of a cause/organization that is known for violence, looting, and vandalism?

If that bothers you, then consider the fact that counterprotest can crop up at any time, in which case you need the police there to keep it from turning into a general melee.

This is not, as the lede attests, "a [possible] severe violation of 1st Amendment rights." This is just reality. No one told the girl she couldn't hold her rally. But the bill for costs incurred by the town because of her rally rightfully landed in her lap.

* * *

Kyle Rittenhouse, American hero, has just gotten himself some super-high-powered legal representation. Heh. Heh.

* * *

CNN has pretty well squandered all its credibility.

Other CNN headlines that could have been:

Space Shuttle Challenger explodes in a firey but mostly successful launch

Hindenberg arrives in New Jersey in a firey but mostly safe landing

[Famous person] dies after mostly successful battle against [disease]

* * *

Well, I need to run the AC kit back over to Og's place. Seems his wife's vehicle needs a recharge.

I'm taking the bike. Whee!

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