atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7279: It's getting late, so quick hits and short shrift

They made a big mess out of Minneapolis, all right. Still one more wave of rioting to go, though. Since George Floyd died of a self-administered drug overdose, the cops will be aquitted of the charges against them (to do anything else would be a perversion of justice). And there will be riots again.

* * *

The riots utterly screwed business owners in their paths. The businesses will not be back, and the cities will not recover.

* * *

The NFL is doing its best to render itself moot.
Putting the name of a girlfriend beating rapist and sex offender on their helmets is in brand for the NFL since they also put the names of girlfriend beating rapists and sex offenders on the backs of their jerseys too.
It's true. Used to be that if you wanted to be in the NFL you had to be good at playing football and walk a straight and narrow line. These days, all the teams care about are your stats, not your rap sheet.

* * *

The self-styled intellectuals at University of Moscow Chicago are agitating to get all the police off their campus.

That campus is right smack dab in the middle of New Shit City; the only thing that keeps the criminals away from the campus is the police. These "intellectuals" want the police to go away?

I say, let 'em have their way. Let them find out what, exactly, it is like to be rid of the police that keep their pansy asses safe. Let them have exactly what they want, good and hard.

* * *

It's not very long; watch it. The way that tail wags every time--

* * *

Well, I was thinking it would be cool tonight, but right now it's steaming inside the bunker and not getting cool at all--and the current dewpoint is closer to 70 than 60--so we'll be closing up and running the AC tonight.

Oh well.

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