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#7280: The truth is coming out

This article is a mess of autoplay videos and a bunch of other crap but it's important for what it says:
The CDC silently updated their numbers this week to show that only 6% of all coronavirus deaths were completely due to the coronavirus alone. The rest of the deaths pinned to the China coronavirus are attributed to individuals who had other serious issues going on.

Also, most of the deaths are very old Americans with co-morbidities.
Six percent of the people who died while infected with COVID-19 were killed by the virus itself. The other 94% died because they had something else serious wrong with them.

From Feb 2 through August 28:
All deaths involving COVID-19: 164,280
All deaths, all causes: 1,778,821

9.2% of the deaths in the US since February second have occurred in people who had COVID-19. Meaning, some 91.8% of the deaths in the US in that time have not involved COVID-19 AT ALL. And of that 9.2%, a mere 0.552% of all deaths were actually caused by the virus (that's 4% of 9.2%).

Suddenly now NYT is reporting that 90% of the people who test positive for the thing aren't, in fact, contagious because the tests are very sensitive and will yield a positive result from "insigificant amounts of the virus".

We needed a fifteen-day lockdown, which stretched to HALF A FUCKING YEAR, for a cold.

* * *

Biden gave a speech.

"Covid has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 year, look, here’s, the lives, it’s just, when you think about it."

..the Manchurian Candidate? Or the Potempkin Candidate? Either way, phony and useless.

* * *

Speaking of which, the Democrats are already telling us they plan to steal the election. Limbaugh talked about it today: they're telling their supporters not to believe it even if Trump has an overwhelming victory on election night, because "ten days later when all the votes are counted" Biden will be the winner.

* * *

What makes you people think that the Democrats give a wet fart about protecting women from rape?
Might we think for a moment about the message we're sending victims of sexual assault when they call the police for help upon their attackers return & within a week the attacker's name is emblazoned on football helmets?
Remember what that one stupid bint said? "I believe you, Tara Reid! I really believe you!" But she was still going to vote for Biden because ORANGEMANBAD.

The Democrats have only one core issue, one individual thing which is absolutely non-negotiable. Otherwise they'll abandon every last other principle they have (only to take it up again later, of course)
if it helps them win an election. As soon as they realized that the rioting and the looting and the mayhem and havoc was helping Trump's numbers, they stopped saying "mostly peaceful protests" and started demanding that Trump decry the riots. (Trump is, of course, too intelligent to fall for their horseshit.)

The feminist bloc fell all over itself to shield Bill Clinton from the fallout of the Lewinsky affair. There was absolutely nothing in this world that was worse than a powerful man using his power and influence in an attempt to cajole a poor innocent young woman into having sex with him, when they were accusing Clarence Thomas of sexually harassing Anita Hill...but a few years later, when Bill Clinton got caught actually acting like a sex-crazed deviant, their outrage at such behavior was nowhere to be found. One of their core freaking issues--sexual harassment--just did not matter to them when it was Bill Clinton on the chopping block.

...and you can go down the list of every last leftist bloc there is, hypocritical to the very, very last.

Well--except for abortion. They don't ever set that one aside. They can't--it's their sacrament. But other than abortion, all their other issues, they'll (temporarily) cast them aside in a heartbeat to win an election.

Because they don't care about those issues. Issues are tools for them, ways to seize and hold power, excuses they can hold over the peoples' heads in order to get their votes. Democrats don't really care about "equal rights for women" because once they are securely in power there will be no rights anyway. "Equal pay for equal work" won't matter when the government is seizing 95% of your paycheck.

* * *

Nancy Pelosi is a lot more important than any of you peons is, which is why she gets to have her hair done when no one else in her home city can. "Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat Politician. The law does not apply to her, just as it does not apply to Lori Lightfoot."

Why shouldn't she act as arrogantly as Marie Antoinette when she said, "Let them eat cake!" For crying out loud, it's not as if Pelosi is going to suffer any consequences from this. She'll be re-elected in November just like she will every two years for as long as she cares to run.

* * *

Taking a very close look at Kyle Rittenhouse's heroic actions. Good information.

* * *

NYC is screwed. If even the lower estimate is at all true--750,000 people left the city--then it will represent a significant blow to the tax base and the city will be out of money unless it cuts spending drastically.

And blue cities always cut spending the same way: they first cut essential services, things like police and fire departments and sanitation, because they want to inflict pain on the taxpayers, so they'll be more amenable to tax hikes. They don't cut nonessential services, things like community outreach programs and all the nonsense on which big leftist cities spend excesses of money.

* * *

Definitely don't want to eat at "The Happy Camper" in Chicago. What a crock.

* * *

So if you own a business in Minneapolis that was destroyed by the assholery, your insurance won't cover rebuilding. The cost of clearing away the rubble and starting over is typically much more than the business is worth.

So, of course, the businesses won't return, leaving the place a burned-out shell of its former self.

Ten, twenty years from now there will be a bunch of "community activists" complaining about how racist it is that there are no stores there, you know. *rolleyes*

* * *

And some promethean news:

Small, modular fission reactor, 50 MW output, can't melt down. The idea is to have a bunch of these in a communal pool. Entirely self-contained, you just hook up the controls and connect to the heat exchanger and pump water through it. Presto! Steam, which you can use to generate electricity!

And not to put too fine a point on it, but cannot melt down.

* * *

Don't have a lot else. Guess I'll make something for dinner.

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