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#7285: I'll take it!

Got a late start, but I got the grass cut, then went and picked up the new dishwasher. Started to install it but I'm lacking a fitting, and the hardware stores are closed now, but I can get it in the morning. The important thing is, the old dishwasher is out of the house and at the curb for trash collection (or scrappers/garbage pickers) and I'm well shut of it.

Hopefully, within the next twelve hours or so we'll have a functioning dishwasher again. That'd be a nice change of pace.

Getting the old one removed was a pain only because of how much water was left in it, and because I had to shut off the power to the utility room to disconnect it from power. The same circuit that powers the utility room handles the dishwasher and the outlet that services our home entertainment system. And when I moved it, it dribbled perhaps a pint or so of water all over the kitchen. Oh well.

There will be some tedium when it comes to leveling the thing, but I don't think I'm looking at anything too complicated, here. It's not rocket science and I have all the tools required. The fitting I need probably costs about $3. *sigh*

After picking up the appliance, I bought aluminum flashing and flat black paint for the cupola roof. I decided not to go with copper for the simple reason of expense: when I could find copper sheeting wide enough to make the panels for the cupola roof, it was about ten times as expensive as a 10' roll of aluminum flashing of the right width--and I'd have to order it.

No joke, no exaggeration: I paid $19 for a 10' roll of 24" wide aluminum. The price I saw for copper of similar dimensions was $190.

Construction adhesive to stick it to the plywood. No problem. Then what I'll do is make corner pieces which fit across the corners, tack them down either with brads or short screws so one could remove the roof without destroying its sheathing.

Tomorrow, once I get the dishwasher installed, the next goal will be to finish assembly on the cupola roof and have it ready for installation. After that, prep work on the cupola base, scuffing off the old paint and lichen and puttying up holes etc. Og gave me the remainder of a can of wood hardener, stuff you use to fix wood that's not quite rotten but getting there, so I'll use that where warranted, and then fill gaps with putty. Sand level, paint with exterior paint (two coats I think) and then on with the roof.

That'll be nice. That cupola has been bugging me for a while.

* * *

I had intended, today, to take cans and batteries to the recycler, but didn't, because I was sleeping. I have to do that tomorrow.

* * *

So, you know how the A-10 "Warthog" was built around the GAU-8 "Avenger" cannon?

Well, it looks as if the P-47 was built around its supercharger.

Engine on the right side of the image, immense turbocharger on the left.

I read an SF story once where the main character was involved in an effort to soup up some P-47s even more, by giving the pilot the ability to run the supercharger on hydrogen peroxide. In other words, they were taking a rocket engine and dumping its exhaust into the turbine side, thus giving the piston-powered airplane a kind of afterburner. The biggest problem is that hydrogen peroxide, when used as a rocket fuel, is touchy stuff, and the slightest impurity in your fuel system will cause a big problem that will keep you from flying today. At least, not more than very briefly, nor in any sort of controllable fashion.

That was a neat story. I think they were doing it as a countermeasure against the Amerika Bomber but I don't really remember. Pity I don't recall the name of the story.

* * *

That turbo is so large, I don't think you could find an automobile engine big enough even to spin it, much less make any usable boost.

* * *

Anyway, that's all.

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