atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7286: There's one detail he missed.

Borepatch explains to us how the Democrats cannot steal the election with "vote by mail" fraud.
Within a month of starting this analysis, the Trump campaign will have identified and quantified the scale of the fraud and the Justice Department will have opened criminal investigations in all 50 States and the District of Columbia. The election will be on hold.

And here is where we see things fall apart for the Democrats....
The thing is, there is a time limit to this. The election must be certified by January 20, because if it isn't, then Congress gets to pick who the President is.

It's laid out explicitly in the 20th Amendment:

If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term,...the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President,...
Emphasis is mine, of course.

"Shall not have been chosen" basically means that if the states can't (or don't, or won't) certify their votes so the Electoral College can vote, then a President has not been chosen, and by one intepretation of the wording of this thing it means neither candidate has qualified--in which case, Congress gets to choose who the next President is, and it does not have to be anyone who was running. Okay? The amendment doesn't specify; it simply says that Congress gets to decide who's the next President.

They would not pick Donald Trump.

The Democrats want the chaos that Borepatch describes, because this is the only way they can appoint their choice of President that has even so much as the tiniest smidge of constutional legitimacy attached to it. That's why Hillary and the rest of them are telling Biden "Don't you dare concede the election!"

So on election night, my prediction is that it will be an overwhelming landslide for Trump...but the blue states won't certify the vote citing "mail-in ballots" and it'll be enough to keep everything in flux. The Democrats' strategy from that point onward is delay, delay, delay as long as possible, because they only need to stretch out the election to January 20, 2021. If they can keep it from being certified by enough states to put Trump over the top in the electoral college before January 20, then the Democrat-run Congress gets to appoint--

Hillary Clinton, Horseteeth, Al Gore, Michelle Obama, literally anyone they want to.

The other thing to be mindful of is that idiotic and extra-constitutional "multi-state compact" where they automatically give their electoral votes to the Democrats whoever wins the popular vote as counted over the entire nation. I don't believe they have the required number of states to do it, but I don't know, and I'd bet money these people are going to pull out all the stops in order to keep Donald J. Trump from a second term.

Despite the expressed will of the people, because what do those idiots know?

I can see it as clearly as I can see the monitor in front of me. This is my bet; I think this is the Democrat election strategy. There may be a few details that I missed, or got wrong, but I'm still going on the record now as saying This is what will happen.

Really hope I'm wrong, too.

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