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#7288: AAND it leaks.

There is a very slight leak from the door seal on the right side, so during the course of washing a load of dishes, perhaps a tablespoon of water ends up running down the inside of the door. Maybe a little more than that.

Tried to use Whirlpool's web site to schedule a warranty repair for the thing, but of course the site could not find my model and serial number, so I'm up a creek until I can talk to customer service.

Well, it's just a little bit of water, and we're not going to use it every day; and further, looking at the information I could get on-line we shouldn't be too far out from getting a service appointment.

Still--based on my experience thus far, I can't recommend Whirlpool dishwashers at this time. It's amazingly quiet, but for fuck's sake, it's brand new and IT LEAKS. Any answer from all these people that approximates, "It's not that much water, and this model just kind of does that," is 100% unacceptable.


So, I'm ecstatic that we have a new dishwasher, and that it's so quiet compared to the one it replaces; but as I told the customer survey for the Whirlpool website, if I wanted a dishwasher that leaked water on my kitchen floor, I could have just kept the old one.

* * *

So, tonight's dinner was steak. T-bones, bought from Jewel for the princely sum of $10 each. They were delicious, perfectly seasoned, and tender. A can of corn, $1; a bowl of Bob Evans' mashed potatoes, $6; if we had as much as $30 into this meal I'd be greatly surprised. Including the electricity I used to cook it.

And our steaks were vastly superior to the ones we had at Gino's Steakhouse in Merrilville, Indiana, which you should avoid because it's incredibly overpriced.

But after that, movie time; we watched Battle Angel Alita which was really good. I liked it much more than I liked the manga. Recommended--it's a pretty exciting story and I was well entertained by it.

Bonus points for the story actually having a reason the little slip of a girl is such an awesome fighter.

* * *

Tonight's AoSHQ Open Thread post is chock full of good quotes!

Such as?
Case in Point: Remember M*A*S*H? Now consider a first season episode with Frank and Hot Lips trying to suck up to get promotions while Hawkeye and Trapper effortlessly foil their plot with hi jinks galore verses a late season Very Special Episode where BJ almost cheats on his wife but at the last minute remembers What's Really Important In Life or the one where Hawkeye's all "OMG Spanky, the chicken was a baby! Waaaah!".
That was, as I recall, the last episode of the series. Hawkeye had ended up in a mental hospital (in Okinawa?) and the psychiatrist character was talking to him about it. That was annoying.

And then there's this:
The Real History of Antifa This article does a pretty good job of laying it all out. Personally, I don't give Antifa any credit for being "Anti-Fascist" because they're fucking commies. Communism is the one ideology in the toxic brew of Marxism that's actually worse than Fascism. That's like being in favor of lung cancer and expecting to get props for it because you're against pneumonia.
What a great simile!

* * *

Anyway, it's getting on towards bedtime. I can't do anything else about the dishwasher so I'll work on the cupola tomorrow. I hope.

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