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#7289: Oh, that's rich, all right

Looking over faceboob, came across an ad for industrial hand cleaner that claims that "other cleaners" use solvents to remove grease and grime from your hands, which breakdown not just the grease but your skin as well. And they show the mechanic with raw, red hands, painfully dabbing at them with a cloth while not-quite crying. But theirs uses detergent! Which doesn't harm your skin!


Cleaners like Goop, GoJo, and whatever that orange oil stuff is? Give me a break. Goop contains lanolin, FFS, and in fact these cleaners are simply things that remove oil without detergent.

See, detergent is soap, and soap requires something in order to remove dirt: water. None of the cleaners they show (and partly hide with turpentine and mineral spirits, which are solvents) require the use of water. Goop, you put it on your hands, slather it around, and then you can then wipe it off and your hands will be clean. Try doing that with detergent.

Detergent--and worse, detergent with abrasive in it--will be harder on your hands than Goop is. Soap works by deenaturing the oils, breaking them down. Detergent--soap--is a base, alkaline, and the stronger it is, the worse it is for your skin. Most hand soap is more dilute and includes moisturizers and different surfactants, but of course because we're no longer allowed to use potassium compounds phosphates in soap its effectiveness has been limited. So you need the soap itself to be stronger.

Now, you want to go dunk your hands in turpentine 2-3 times a day, your results may vary, but no one does this other than occasionally, at least as a measure for cleaning hands. Ditto for mineral spirits (aka charcoal lighter fluid) because they are strong solvents. Might as well use kerosene or diesel or gasoline and get it over with, right?

Anyone with a passing acquaintance with chemistry (like me) can understand this. That ad was generated by uneducated gits, for uneducated gits.

* * *

The gangs are the problem.

* * *

Drop forging for later review.

* * *

My plan for last night had been to play a little WoW after putting Mrs. Fungus to bed around 10:30. Unfortunately, as she was settling in, the power failed. Off, on, off, brown, off. Then, perhaps a minute later, a couple of seconds of deep brown before it went off for good.

The UPS for Floristica, with its new battery, peformed correctly, and I was able to shut it down properly.

Anyway, since the power was out--and was obviously going to be out for a while--I prepared myself for bed. Power came back on about midnight and I hadn't really gone to sleep yet, but the hour and a half of lying in bed had removed any desire to do anything other than sleep, so after checking over the house and making sure things were switched off and otherwise set into night mode, I retired for the evening.

...absolutely clear skies, and not much wind, which means some git must've hit a power pole.

All that nonsense got my schedule all jangleed. Imagine my surprise when I woke up and it was 11.

Called Whirlpool customer service and found that they're not open on weekends. It can wait until Tuesday, I think.

And so, to make things worse, I'm going back to bed, because Saturday.

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