atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7294: Give it up, get over it, it's NOTHING

Latest numbers for the county I live in: something like 12,000 people tested positive for COVID-19, but the number of deaths has hardly increased at all. 12,415 confirmed cases, 361 deaths. Back when the number of confirmed cases was around 6,000, the number of deaths was about 250. So, we've doubled the number of infections but added only about a hundred more deaths. What does that tell you?

The news media is now trying to make hay out of the cases of myocarditis which have occurred in the wake of the disease. "Inflammation of heart muscle" is what the word means. They're trying to scare people into supporting more lockdowns and mask idiocy because "If you get COVID-19 you'll get a myocarditis and die!!!!"

They're still opposing the use of hydroxychloroquine, of course.

* * *

Over in Germany they shut down the nuclear reactors, and now have to burn wood to generate electricity. Clearcutting forests in the process. Go go green energy!

Seems more ecologically sound to me to keep the nuclear reactors and not have to burn wood to keep your economy functioning, but of course I'm not a "woke" greeny eco-shithead, either.

* * *

Sorry, that's all I've got energy for today.

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