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#7301: I don't know whether those are clouds or smoke

Hazy greyish overcast, sun shining orange-red through it--if I didn't know better I'd say it was smoke from the wildfires, wafted into the upper atmosphere.

Turns out that antifa is setting fires in areas prone to wildfires, I guess because the forests are running dog lackeys of the imperialists or something. They caught one shithead in Oregon who'd set a fire, and after they let him go, the next night he set six more fires.

Arson is one of those crimes for which you can shoot someone, you know. I AM NOT A LAWYER SO DO NOT TAKE LEGAL ADVICE FROM ME but classically, yes, if you caught someone trying to set a destructive fire it was "a good shoot". Especially if peoples' lives would be endangered by the resulting fire.

* * *

A DECLINE OF 28%. NFL games lost 28% of their viewers compared to last year. Because "woke".


* * *

If I were a white farmer from Zimbabwe I would never, never, ever go back. Zimbabwe is starving because they took land from white farmers and gave it to blacks who knew nothing much about farming, much like Mike Bloomberg, who thinks you just put seeds in the ground and they automatically make food.

So of course the blacks are eager for the white farmers to return, and welcome them back with open arms and hugs etc...which the socialists all find utterly disgusting, because socialists love it when people starve to death. Especially "people of color"; socialists absolutely cannot get enough of seeing poor Africans dying of starvation. I think that, abortions, and pedophilia are the sine qua non of being a socialist. And hypocrisy.

* * *

Absolutely we should always trust government to do the right thing, right, comrade? Idiots from US Customs seize a perfectly legal product, claiming they are "counterfeit Apple AirPods". Um, yep, sure are, these are counterfeit all right, considering they have a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LOGO ON THE FUCKING PACKAGING.


These are the incompetent buffoons that leftists want us to trust our lives to.

* * *

Joe Biden has dementia. There is one place that I differ, though.

"...[I]t will be great TV when Biden takes the stage with Trump."

Not gonna happen. There will be no debates. Pick your excuse.

If Biden gets up on the debate stage with Trump, either Trump will mop the floor with him, or Trump will...mop the floor with him. They'd have to get Trump to agree to Biden being in another location where access to him is carefully controlled, and where there are no crowds. That's a non-starter. So then they'd have to get Trump to agree not to mention the teleprompters. Non-starter. They'll want to hold the debates during daylight hours, date and time subject to change on very short notice in case Biden is having a bad day. Non-starter.

The thing is, Trump is the incumbent, and as the challenger Biden needs to come to him...and he won't, because he can't, because Biden is not mentally competent any longer. Biden cannot win a debate against Trump. I doubt Biden could have won a debate against Trump when he was in his prime, to be honest; but whatever is turning Biden's brain into off-brand yogurt is not going to ease off enough to allow him even to break even against Trump in a debate. And if he loses his temper--or sphincter control, or both--then it's game over.

HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE US OF USING A TELEPROMPTER I'VE NEVER HEARD ANYTHING SO OUTRAGEOUS IN ALL MY LIFE and there he is, holding up a picture which shows a reflection of the bloody teleprompter that's feeding him his lines.

* * *

Big surprise that a communist country is using slave labor to produce goods. I mean, in a larger sense, everyone who lives under the communist boot is a slave, but these are people who have been sent to labor camps specifically to toil under the proverbial whip. They're not paid anything like wages--they work for their food, basically--and if one of them gets sick, it's a bullet through the head (and the family must work that much harder to pay for the bullet).

I think it's an excellent idea to ban products made with slave labor from entry to the US. Of course if they were really serious about that, it'd end up barring most of the Apple product line from entry....

* * *

"Good job, Democratic Elites! It looks like you've angered every single constituency that makes up your party, six weeks before the election."

* * *

Seems that the folks in the neighborhood are sick of thugs. So when the cop goes down, they all come to the rescue and deliver a most righteous beatdown to the suspect.

It's really kind of simple. You can have the police; or you can have mob justice. You do not want the latter. Believe me.

* * *

Busy Monday; I looked up from my machine and it was after 10 AM already. Next thing I know it's lunchtime; and after lunch I went to the near offsite to handle some things, and suddenly it was going on four PM. But I accomplished some tasks that needed doing and I'm pretty sure I earned my paycheck today, so it's all good.

Now, WoW.

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