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#7302: That's an interesting thought.

Today it occurred to me that the Democrats are making such a hash out of this election that it was just possible they're doing it on purpose.

"But Fungus," you protest, "what on Earth could that possibly get them?"

I have the same problem with that thought. What does it get them if they throw the election so that Trump wins by an unmistakable landslide? The only thing I could think of is that they'd then claim that the vote tallies were tampered with (in favor of Trump) by Russians or aliens or alien Russians, "Because no way did that many people actually vote for Trump!" when the past few elections where Republicans won it was by an electoral college victory, not majority vote. (Which is why Democrats agitate for eliminating the electoral college, of course.)

Of course the answer to that shit is, "Shut the fuck up," but another possibility would be to offer to have a new election where everyone must show up at their district, in person, to vote, and show ID so as to ensure that no vote tampering goes on. And if they didn't like that, "Shut the fuck up."

The other possibility, now that I think of it, is to enrage their radical wing so that they rise up and revolt.

The Democrats are promising us a bloodbath if Trump wins, but we can't afford to let Biden have it to avoid that. Biden is already talking about the "Harris-Biden Presidency" and so is Harris--Ace has the skinny--and the result would be catastrophic for the idea of limited government and personal freedom.

The Supreme Court would get bigger. Thirteen, maybe fifteen--all of them communists and all of them under the age of 30. "But that's too young," you might protest. "They won't have enough experience--" BAH! All they need is to reliably vote left-wing; the Constitution makes no stipulations for qualifications and anyone can be appointed to the position. A Democrat President with a compliant Democrat-run Senate could literally appoint anyone he wanted, even his twelve-year-old daughter, if he felt like it. Add five justices to the court who vote communist and there will never, never, ever be another case decided before that court that expands freedom. Unless it's the freedom to kill babies.

The Electoral Collage would go away. Trust me: it would not take much for the Democrat party to push that amendment through; if they couldn't do it right away they certainly could within a couple of years. That is, by the way, if the new Supreme Court didn't find "emanations and penumbras" that nullified it.

In the first year, there'd be a huge mass shooting at a school, the biggest yet, and then guns would have to be registered. A year or two later, an even bigger mass murder, requiring that guns be confiscated. Maybe not quite that fast--but quickly, even so, because the election in 2024 might still be lost if enough people voted Republican. I figure that they'd aim for confiscation no later than fourth quarter 2023.

And by the way, forget about "freedom of expression". We're already seeing what a handful of left-wingers can do with social media platforms.

* * *

You have to understand: Trump wasn't supposed to win. Hillary was. Hillary was supposed to win, and I'd bet money the Democrat party had an agenda they wanted to follow.

Do you think antifa grew up overnight? These people have been recruited and trained and so forth; it's not a grassroots protest any more than I'm Brad Pitt. Someone posited that all those guns and bullets that the three-letter agencies were buying (like the FDA?) ended up in the hands of the leftists now turning Portland and other cities into third-world shitholes.

It's conceivable that the idea was to have huge riots all over the country, as we have now, and come maybe early or mid October, President Hillary would gravely address the nation that the violence had grown too common, that law and order had to be maintained, and that therefore she was going to declare martial law. Of course the elections would be "temporarily postponed", just until the emergency was over. Right? And so the Army ("Posse comitatus"? HA!) would go house to house confiscating weapons and shooting people that resisted. There'd be armed rebellion, which would naturally justify clamping down even tighter.

You think it can't happen here? You think it won't if the power-hungry get their hands on the levers? I might be wrong about the particular details but I'm not wrong about the left wanting this to happen in America. I'm certainly not wrong about the left wanting there to be gulags and reeducation camps and labor camps and death camps for people who engage in wrongthink.

* * *

University of Chicago has been commie so long my maternal grandfather (who died before I was born) called the place "University of Moscow". Now the "University of Moscow" lets the mask fall off.
As literary scholars, we attend to the histories, atmospheres, and scenes of anti-Black racism and racial violence in the United States and across the world. We are committed to the struggle of Black and Indigenous people, and all racialized and dispossessed people, against inequality and brutality.
What the hell does any of that have to do with the study of English literature?

...the English lit department of U of M has become a communist think-tank rather than a place where English literature is studied. Then again, the left has absolutely no use for any discipline that depends on immutable texts.

* * *

Buddy, you sure as hell don't understnad what you're dealing with, here. "Ten questions for aspiring revolutionaries", it says.
1. Do I have the facts straight? Facts are racist, and are used as tools of capitalists to oppress women and minorities.

2. What makes me so sure I won't replace the existing regime with something far worse? That's impossible, because I am highly educated and know what's best for everyone.

3. Is my revolutionary program just a bunch of platitudes with which no decent person would disagree? No, my revolutionary program is the real objective truth, and any person that disagrees with it is not only not a decent person, but subhuman and fit only for slavery or death.

4. Is my revolutionary manifesto really any better than the Underpants Gnomes' business plan from this 1998 episode of South Park? Just asking that question is proof that you're a fascist and must be destroyed.

5. In other words, how is this actually going to work? We will take over the reins of power and institute a truly just system.

6. Does my argument for how it will work rely on people discarding self-interest, becoming a lot less horrible, and/or becoming a lot smarter? No, because we will simply execute anyone who refuses to cooperate.

7. How has it worked the other times it has been tried? It has never been tried before. The other times you cite are not true socialism. We will do it correctly.

8. Are people moving toward or away from the kind of society I want to establish? Irrelevant. Our function is to teach people that this way is the future. By force, if need be.

9. What will I do with people who aren’t willing to go along with my revolution? See #6.

10. Am I letting myself off the hook for questions 1-9 and giving myself too much credit for passion and sincerity? Not at all. I have considered these questions carefully and have concluded that you're just a fascist.
I'm not even exaggerating. This is what they do.

* * *

So, let's drag ourselves out of the communist sewer and have a gander at some promethean stories for once.

If our economy is in a slump, why can't shippers get space on eastbound container trains? Railroads that carry containerized freight (multimodal trains) are full to capacity with loads. People are having to hire truckers to drive the loads cross-country!

Or maybe it's something more sinister?

* * *

Floating spaceports. SpaceX's Starship is so big, the noise of its takeoff could kill a person standing too close to the pad. Elon Musk is talking about launching the things from floating launch platforms.

A neat idea, one that's been proposed before.

Well, we'll see, won't we?

* * *

Motorcycle appears to be having charging issues again. Gorgeous day today, so I took it to work after lunch, and when I left work to come home it cranked a bit slow. Went to the gas station and it cranked about the same. Took an extended ride home and while doing so, at a stop sign I accidentally turned the choke full on instead of off, and killed it...and the bike would not crank until I turned off the headlight! So I cut my ride short and made a beeline home.


Everything was going so well, too, with the thing. It hasn't missed a beat all summer! So I guess I'll have to dig into it and see what the hell is wrong this time.

Man, what a pisser.

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