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#7304: "Just do ONE tree...."

I was tired today, so coming home from work I was anticipating going and laying down--but I told myself, "Before you can do that, you need to cut down one tree behind the garage. Just one."

Inertia is a property of mass that makes it resist a change in motion. An object at rest, left undisturbed, will remain at rest. An object in motion will tend to stay in motion.

I am a perfect example.

Had a PBJ, got out the tools, and started in. And I ended up clear-cutting the area behind the garage and hauling all the cut timber out to the front curb. The whole thing but for one trunk I missed with the chain saw, not even two inches in diameter and which I can attend to tomorrow or whenever it is that I go after the lilac bush and the two sumac trees growing through it.

When the chain came off the chain saw I had a perfect excuse to stop there, but I didn't. I put it back on, backwards, then corrected my mistake, and then continued cutting trees.

Once I hit the north sidewalk I downed tools and started hauling branches. And hauling. And hauling. Some were too long and had to be cut shorter, so I made some room on the driveway and used the stump of the elm tree as a convenient chopping block for truncating too-long tree sections.

I saved an 8' section of elm truck which is just about arrow-straight; I'm going to make a staff out of it.

And I had to laugh at myself as I put the tools away and put the Jeep back where it goes: "What a coincidence! I ran out of energy just as the work was done!"

Today's exercise has been got.

* * *

If I wasn't so tired I think I'd piss myself laughing at this. Princeton University claimed that it's an incredibly racist institution, that "'racist assumptions' are 'embedded in structures of the University itself.'"

...and so the Department of Education has announced it will investigate Princeton University for its racism!

Borepatch is reacting with about the same level of decorum as I am. "Some stuffed shirt University Prez goes full Social Justice Warrior," he says.

Here's more decorum and insightful commentary *snerk* HA HA HA HA HA HA...I couldn't keep that one up.

I have always wondered what would happen if someone listened to those morons.

* * *

Ah, this means the return of the welfare mother! I realize that $1,000 per month is not a terribly large amount of money--it's $12,000 per year--but added to the rest of the welfare that single mother get it's a nice incentive to remain barefoot and pregnant, isn't it?

* * *

So, yeah, turns out that it was smoke from California, the other day.

* * *

So, in Minneapolis, the city council voted to defund their police department. Crime is way up, and suddenly the city council is wondering why there's so much crime?

Cause and effect. It's obvious even to young children, but apparently Democrats simply cannot grasp it.

* * *

The people doing the rioting and arson and so forth are highly organized, trained, and supplied. Five bucks that a decent RICO investigation would trace the money back to George Soros.

* * *

Cry me a fucking river, you communist shitlickers. They're unhappy that their mugshots (which are, by the way, a matter of public record) were published on social media, and their lives were "upended".

Well, guess what, you useless communist trash? You broke the law! Just because the local government chose not to prosecute you for it doesn't mean you get to avoid all the consequences. If your employer saw that you were arrested for taking part in seditious unrest, they have every right to can your ass.

If you want to keep your day job, obey the fucking law.

* * *

Man, I sure am worn out! But that was a good effort, and I'm glad I did it.

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