atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#730: Battlestar Galactica just ticked me off.


The last time they showed any BG they said JANUARY! Now it's March! Damn it!

Battlestar Galactica: Razor was an interesting show and it was, at least, some new BG. How long has it been since they showed the season finale? Wasn't it--oh--fricking MARCH?

...but of course this latest outing lived up to the standards we've come to expect. It is possible to nitpick the show to death but I see enough things done right that I am willing to ignore and/or accept the mistakes.

Besides, sometimes, something that looks like a mistake actually turns out to be significant later on. Anyway I figure that if I don't notice the issues, they're not worth worrying about. I'm a big believer in "good enough".

Razor managed to resurrect the "type one" Cylons--I mean, the ones from the original TV series, the "toasters" that communicated in English with voices that were sound-processed to sound mechanical. It was pretty awesome to see that kind in action again, done with computer animation and motion capture rather than putting a bunch of skinny guys in costumes.

So I guess what actually ticked me off was not BG, but SciFi Network. Bastards.

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