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#7306: Well, that's too bad.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, "complications from metastatic pancreatic cancer". 87. Not at all a bad run.

When the topic of her health came up, I always said she should retire and enjoy her remaining time with her family and friends. Pancreatic cancer has a horrible survival rate, and when she ended up back in the hospital with the relapse that was the time for her to acknowledge that she wasn't going to be around much longer.

But of course, leftists will do anything to keep their majority on the Supreme Court. And so she clung to the position, staying alive and taking up that seat in an attempt to deny Donald Trump another SC appointment. I expect she thought she'd retire in 2017 when Hillary Clinton was President, but couldn't since Hillary lost.

Reportedly, on her deathbed she said, "My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed."

Sorry, but it's not up to you; and as was pointed out, that seat on the Supreme Court does not belong to her or to the Democrat party, but to the people. President Trump has every right, under the Constitution, to appoint another justice. Especially considering that this election is going to require a fully-staffed Supreme Court.

The Constitution says that the President appoints justices. It does not say "except when a Republican President can appoint a new justice less than sixty days before an election."

Let me put it this way: if she had died (or retired) on September 18, 2016, Obama would have had every right to appoint whoever he thought best to replace her.

The usual RINOs are scheming to help the Democrats, as usual.

* * *

My wife thinks I'm being overly cautious when I say, "We're not going into the city for the foreseeable future."
wo men were ordered held on $200,000 bail Wednesday in connection to a midday Loop shootout that broke out when one of the men, who was holding a baby, was shot at as he stood outside the Congress Hotel.

A 52% increase in homicides over last year's figure.

* * *

Today, I was tired all day, and all I did after work was to eat a PBJ and lay down. Oh well.

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