atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7309: Another step completed

Cut the back grass and then went to work on the cupola roof. Cut four panels out of the aluminum I bought, got the bottom edges bent over, and have one glued on and curing.

I really hope that the adhesive I bought will not turn into a solid brick. I've got the end of the tube plugged. I suppose I ought to go buy a couple more tubes of it, just in case.

Tomorrow I'm going to stick on another piece of sheathing, then go up on the roof with my wood hardener and putty and some tools and tend to the base. The adhesive I bought has a 24-hour cure time, so I might go buy something else just so I can get this done a little quicker.

Then I came inside, watched the last few minutes of Trump's speech in North Carolina, then went into the kitchen. Put together a meatloaf, then got the dishes cleaned up and put into the washer. And, it turned out I had most of a load, so I started the thing.

So once the sides of the cupola roof are sheathed, I'm going to run flashing down the seams--probably about 2" wide--and affix that with small wood screws. Then I need to make something for the top, a pyramidal cap of some kind. Ideally I'd like no water to get through to the wood underneath the aluminum sheathing; in practice I know that some moisture will. A little bit is fine, I suppose, because as long as the wood doesn't get soaking wet it will last a really, really long time.

It's exterior grade plywood, not particleboard like the last one was. That should help.

Once the sheathing is on, paint--flat black Rustoleum, at least two coats; and then I mount the weather vane. That'll take some doing, but I'll drill holes so I can use bolts with thick fender washers on the underside. I can use silicone caulk to seal those holes. Make sure everything is properly mounted and correct, and then it gets affixed to the cupola base which will--by then--be restored and painted and ready for its new roof.

I've painted the underside of the roof with the same paint I painted the top side--white exterior paint--but I'll do a coat of black around the same time I'm painting where the sheathing folds over the ends of the roof panels.

One thing I could do, if I wanted--and I can do it practically whenever I want--would be to add a solar lighting system to the weathervane: a panel, a battery, a control box, two or four LED spotlights. I intend to use screws to mount the thing to its base, so I can remove it as needed.

But that's later, "if and when".

* * *

Guess it's time to go make the salad.

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