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#731: I talk too much about boring things

My DVD recorder's critical need detector was triggered tonight. Without warning, it suddenly decided to be completely incapable of doing anything with any kind of disk.

The "critical need"? Recording the first new BG in 9 months.

Anyway, so now I'm going to be disconnecting it from the AV system and disassembling it in hopes that the problem is one of "connector creep" and not something worse.

If the drive has gone bad I might be able to replace it with the guts from a computer drive. And might not. (Probably "not".)

So I may be shopping for a new DVD+/-R/RW/WTF machine in the near future.

The nice thing about this model is that it also records video CDs and audio CDs, damn it. I don't think I can find that functionality anywhere.

And this thing is only two years old, double-damn it. The CD player underneath it is ten times its age and still works, and even reads CD-Rs. WTF.

* * *

Dinner tonight was General Tao's Chicken from China Garden in Steger. The dinner plate is $7 and includes enough food for me to get at least three meals out of it. (You get the entree, fried rice, and an eggroll and a wonton. It comes in a styrofoam container and it is full of food when you get it.) For some reason, tonight it's not quite as good as it usually is, but it's still good.

I have Chinese about once a week, more-or-less.

* * *

I suppose I should have stayed at work until 8 and bought a copy of the first season of House, MD for $15 or $20 or whatever it was. But I'm not really that interested, and I wanted to go home.

I spent my night driving the big truck again. This time I only did pulls until the truck unload was done; then I started driving. Other than that and a little work dragging racks to Receiving, I didn't do jack shit at work Friday night. I could have stayed...but I just didn't feel like it. I did that last year--stayed until 8 AM the Saturday after Thanksgiving--but this year, pffft.

Still, I wouldn't mind more nights like that one. That was pretty cool.

* * *

The weather people predicted snow--1-2 inches--and we got approximately "flurries", none of which really stuck. I was not surprised. The Jeep and snowblower wield much power.

* * *

One of my coworkers at the warehouse last night--Steve--quotes some show or other where a guy was trying to do a grind on a skateboard (ride it down a handrail) only he slipped and landed crotch-first on the handrail.

He then apparently ran around in circles, holding his crotch and screaming, "Ow, God, my balls! My fucking balls!"

Steve was quoting this, and I could clearly hear it outside...and it echoed. Heh.

Here's a thought: if you're going to try a skateboard stunt that may involve your testicles colliding with--well, anything, really--wear a cup.

On the other hand, don't. That moron probably prevented himself from siring more skateboard-riding motherfu**ers.

* * *

"Well, he was standing there, and he was yelling something, about 'coffee-flavored coffee'--whatever the hell that is--and he called me a 'haiku writing motherfucker'. I'm glad he's dead. I really am."

Denis Leary is teh awesome.

* * *

Mom has gotten into watching BBC America, and one show annoys me: Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

The title guy can't say anything without swearing, most of which gets beeped out. Being at the other end of the house, what I primarily hear is the beeps. "This food is sh[beep]!" "This kitchen is f[beep]g filthy." "The decor is f[beep]ng hideous sh[beep] and it looks like the 19-fu[beep]-70s in here."

The guy's a jerk. He's doing all this for his television show and he's not "cool", "hip", or "real" because he uses crude language. Rather, he comes off as a rude, uneducated boor.

You know, I still believe that the person who can't talk without swearing displays his lack of education and courtesy when he resorts to crude language. Swearing has its uses, and there are times and places for it, but I think most people would agree that a TV show is not one of them.

I find it more impressive when someone can rip off a crushing insult without swearing. "Ramsay" is just a gutter-mouthed slop-slinger with delusions (or pretentions) of intellect and sophistication.

* * *

I'm hoping that I have finally found a good fiber supplement.

It's one of those chewable tablet kinds. It sort of has the texture of balsa wood, but three of them are supposed to be a good chunk of fiber.

I'm using it in the hopes of avoiding more diverticular problems. We'll see how it works.

I've used the gritty Metamucil mix; I've used the Metamucil fiber biscuits; I've used the capsules, and I've tried eating cereal. These chewable tablets seem to be about the easiest method of all; certainly they don't rely on me having to sit and chew, chew, chew--nor do I have to slug down thick, gritty, and vaguely orange-flavored water. And the capsules? They never seem to go down easily and you have to take about five for a full dose, with far too much water.

This stuff--I forget the name--has good flavor and isn't nearly as onerous as the other methods, so we'll see how it works.

* * *

Lately I've had an urge to play Quake again. Bet it won't work under Vista, though. Oh well.

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