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#7312: Well, it's moving along

Got another panel stuck to the cupola roof this evening, and then I dug out the weathervane that will go atop the thing.

The sheathing panels for the roof somehow got cut just 1/8" too big. 3 of them. The first one I put on fit perfectly. *sigh* Anyway so I took the 3rd one, lay it in place, hit the protruding edge with a hammer, and then snipped along the newly-formed crease. Now it fit perfectly, so I laid down the glue and stuck it in place.

Turned my attention to the weathervane. First I disassembled it; then I thought, "I'll bet I've got a can of gold spray paint in that box over there." Sure enough, I did--vintage 1995--and it worked.

Masked the letters on the direction standards, then painted them (the letters) shiny gold. Masked the ends of the pointer itself, painted head and tail shiny gold. The eagle: painted it mostly shiny gold because the 25-year-old paint can gave out as I was working on the upper wings. Eagle, letters, and arrowhead and -tail were originally gold and I don't know the last time they were painted. I'm thinking I'll get a couple cans of Rustoleum--something meant to handle weathering--and give 'em another coat of gold, and then hit the black parts with gloss black.

Noticed that "N" and "S" face the right direction from the back yard, not the front. Oh well.

When this cupola is done, it's going to look great.

This spray paint is paint I bought in 1994, for model rockets. It's the cheapest spray paint I could find, mostly K-mart house brand. Why use the expensive stuff? Every time you launch a model rocket you're running the risk of losing it, having it end up somewhere unretrievable, or just auguring right into the ground in a deafening explosion heap of carboard and balsa. Sure, you can go buy the best paint out there and lavishly coat your rocket with the stuff--but my rockets were really pretty and glossy, and I didn't have to worry about it if one ended up in a pond or a bullpen or high in a tree, because with the kit and the building supplies I maybe had $25 in the typical model, all told.

Could have paid what, $10 a can for spray paint? But the $4 per can stuff worked fine.

And the amazing thing is that it's still good.

Well--except for one can of clear. Apparently it sprung a few leaks, because I found--at the bottom of the box--a collection of hard plastic blobs. They looked kind of like styrofoam, but for one that was very clear; and looking at the can I saw similar material around the base lip. I realized that the can had leaked a bit, and was going to toss it, but then I tried it and found that it still works. So, what the heck.

My system for keeping multiple cans of spray paint was pretty simple. When I used one to paint a model, I put a blank address label on it. I had tons of formfeed address labels that I'd never used, so I used them for this. The label indicated that it was a partial can, so I'd know to use it up before starting a new one. It worked fine; the variation between batches of different colors wasn't great enough to matter and the paint industry was very good at making consistent colors, anyway.

There are a few cans in there that don't have labels on them, meaning I bought them and never used them at all.

* * *

Florida explains what will happen to antifa etc rioting and looting and burning and it's not good for them. Especially this: "...[Governor DeSantis] announced that R.I.C.O. will be applied to those organizing or funding riots."

That alone ensures that the rioters will stay the hell away from Florida, because if there is anything those assholes can't afford it's for the government to start following the money.

* * *

Let's follow the freaking Constitution. Constitution says that President nominates Supreme Court justices, and the Senate votes yea or nay on the President's nominee. The history of the process is that if the President is from the party that controls the Senate, his nominee is confirmed. If the President is from a different party, then it's a negotiation and a debate.

There is no Constitutional call for hearings or questioning or anything other than a straight up-or-down vote. Since Harry Reid conveniently got rid of the filibuster rule back when the Republicans were going to use it to prevent the confirmation of a leftist appointee (Sotomayor?) the Democrats cannot possibly stop the confirmation of Trump's pick for the seat.

If, that is, the Senate Republicans actually support their President.

* * *

Hispanics and blacks don't get along. We'll have to see how that works out, I guess.

* * *

Tomorrow I need to go to the near off-site immediately from the bunker, not going to the office first, because plant manager out there had an issue with his computer. I'm pretty sure it's fixed now (I helped him via Facetime) but I said I'd take a look at it. So, that ought to be fun.

After I was done with the cupola roof I had a look at the truck's exhaust pipe. The new one has the right bends and so forth, but the wrong hangar on the back. The really nice thing is that the flange I need to take off the old muffler is the part that has the bolts, so I should be able to take it with me to the hardware store (once I have it off the muffler) and get the correct nuts for it. It's all stainless steel anyway.

This was a fact-finding gander, just to get an idea of what I needed to patch the new parts into the system. I think the catalytic convertor is tight, so I just need to replace the system from there on back.

I hope. I want a quiet truck.

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