atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7314: It's the STARTER!

Pretty worn out today, so I didn't do anything with the cupola roof other than take the weight off and get a look at it overall. Looks pretty good.

Turned my attention to the motorcycle, intending to find out what part of the charging system had failed. Checked the rectifier first.

...used the same trick I did last time, which was to reverse the leads in my DMM so that red was the negative terminal and black was the positive. That's how Suzuki's got the diode test function of its "multifunction tester" arranged, for some reason. Anyway I still messed up and thought I'd found my problem, until I started from scratch and did the whole thing over and found that the rectifier is perfectly fine.

So, next up, check the stator. Had continuity on all legs, as I should, with no continuity to ground, so that was fine, which meant doing a running test. For grins I put the key in and hit the start button, and it cranked with gusto. It turned over but died quickly since the choke was off.

Me: !!! I disconnected the stator and went to start the thing for real, only now when I pressed the start button it just went CLICK.

Battery voltage was 12.5 V, which is what I'd expect for a fully-charged battery in a motorcycle with the engine not running.


Pulled the cover off the starter and hit it with a screwdriver handle, then tried again, and she cranked right over and fired right up. And with the choke on and the bike running around 2500 RPM, I measured 14.71 V at the battery.

There's nothing wrong with the charging system. It was cranking badly because the starter is having issues.

So, it's $24 shipped for a rebuild kit. A new starter motor is $185 before shipping. Guess which way I'm going?

Kit includes bearing, bushings, brushes and holder, and seals--everything you need to rebuild a failing starter. So that'll be a nice little project. The parts are slated to arrive next week, which is fine.

Of course, right after I order that, then I find this, which claims to be an exact replacement for $52 and tax, shipped.

But, oh well. I can rebuild the OE starter and know what I've got, instead of a chinesium part which may or may not last.

* * *

Tomorrow I need to go to the hardware store. I've been putting it off, but now I'm to the point that I need supplies to finish the cupola roof. We'll get there.

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