atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7315: Where are the Biden signs?

Okay, I live in a heavily Democrat area. You can't escape that, living in one of the collar counties of Chicago/Cook County. The Republican primary ballot is full of "no candidate" because there aren't any.

That explains the lack of Trump supporters. Well--that and the fact that antifa/burn-loot-murder will torch your house if you display one. But where are the Biden signs?

I've seen one car since July that had a left-wing bumper sticker on it, and it just said "Vote Blue", without mentioning any specifics. But absolutely no signs advocating Biden. Of course Illinois is a "safe" state so they don't have to campaign here--they know Chicago will deliver Illinois for Biden--but even so there still ought to be yard signs...and I haven't seen one. Except in photographs.

* * *

The Democrat vote-tampering has already begun.

* * *

I had a day today. User needs computer, so I started working on imaging a suitable machine. Yesterday, had error after error, so I left it; today I resumed work on it.

I spent all day futzing with that one machine, trying to get it to accept a freaking OS image, and it would NOT work. I kept trying this and that and the other thing, and every attempt took 15+ minutes.

Eventually I shut the computer down and disconnected it from the network and let it sit for about 10 minutes; then when I hooked it back up and tried again, then it finally started to image.

My entire day, spent on this one thing. I was not happy.

Anyway, left work at the usual time, went to Ace for the supplies I needed, but they didn't have ANYTHING on my list, so I ended up going to Menards. (They probably had the paint I wanted but I wasn't going to buy one item.)

Okay, Ace Hardware--you're gonna have to do better if you want my business.

Menards didn't have the 2" flashing I was looking for, though, either. I went to the close one, not the big one, so that's probably why. But I got gold spray paint, the approximate brass screws I wanted, and the turn signal bulbs for my wife's car.

* * *

We'll see how we do, I guess, this weekend.

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