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#7316: Finally finished that little chore

"Little," he says, even though it's now generated yet another 20-foot line of tree cuttings.

Felt tired when I got home from work, but put on work clothes and cut down the remaining trees behind the garage. Got 'em down, cut up, and dragged to the curb before sundown. Not bad, can't complain. I certainly have earned my beans tonight!

* * *

When the Illinois Democrats say that "only people earning more than $250,000 per year will see their taxes go up," they mean this year. The whole point of Pritzker's (un)Fair Tax scheme is to set things up so Democrats can adjust the tax rates without having to adjust all of them.

Right now, with Illinois' truly fair, flat tax, if you want to raise taxes you raise them at the same rate on everyone at the same time. The (un)Fair Tax scheme will allow them to leave the tax rates on their main constituencies, the poorest 20%, alone, while jacking the tax rates for the people who actually work for a living.

So they sell it (or try to) on the premise that the middle class won't see a tax increase...but it is vital to add the words right now to that statement, because they are not promising that the middle class won't see enormous tax hikes sometime in the next couple of years.

They won't do it right away. They'll let one or two years pass before they jack up the middle class tax rates. After it's far too late for us to do anything about it.

These are Democrats. Don't believe them. Don't trust them.

* * *

The leftists will even turn the memorial service of one of their demigods into a cheap political rally. Just keep it up, asshats.

* * *

I need to move to Alaska just so I can vote for Sarah Palin's senatorial race. I don't care who wins as long as Lisa Murkowski is out OUT O-U-T OUT of the Senate.

* * *

The NPRM, published here, proposes various fixes to the 737 Max design, its software and procedures for pilots to follow in the event of a problem. One of those procedures includes disabling the airliner's automatic trim system, operated by MCAS when the software kicks in, and having the two pilots use a manual backup trim wheel instead of the aircraft's powerful electric motors.
The problem is that the manual trim wheel has no power assist, so it takes two people to turn it. What is the fucking point of a manual backup that requires two people to operate in concert to use? a dire situation where you've already got an emergency on your hands? Who the hell flies the fucking airplane while pilot and copilot are dicking around with the manual trim wheel, especially in a situation where the automatic system is disabled due to a malfunction?

AirBus aircraft are starting to look safe by comparison!

* * *

Joe Biden calls troops "stupid bastards" when they don't applaud for an applause line and it's on video.

Democrats always have nothing but contempt for the military. Even when they're using it to distract from sex scandals like diddling an intern in the Oval Office.

* * *

Illinois' lieutenant governor threatens a 20% tax increase if the (un)Fair Tax isn't approved by voters. That would mean that the flat income tax rate would go from 5% to 6%, which is a damn sight less than we can expect if the Democrats get their way.

* * *

Rumor has it that Chicago Police are starting to balk, because the mayor is a hate-filled racist.

* * *

Recently the usual suspects held a riot over the fact that only one police officer was charged in the case of the death of Breonna Taylor. This is the woman who was shacking up with a drug dealer, and got caught in the crossfire when the police raided the place and her boyfriend came out shooting.

"RT," it says, "if you just found out that a dead body was found in 2016 in a rental car under Breonna Taylor's name. The murder victim was connected to her convicted drug-dealer boyfriend at the time."

Now, it used to be that I would be outraged that such a salient detail had been omitted from the story by the press. But of course that was at a time when I expected the press to live up to its claim that they were not biased; I've learned better since then and realize that the modern-day news media are closet (and not-so-closet, like CNN) communists. The news you get from the papers and the TV is nothing but left-wing, pro-Democrat propaganda, not worth the time it takes to read or watch.

And in the cases where black people are shot by police, the media always leave out the criminal histories and the crimes they were committing when they got shot.

* * *

Have to check this out. Retro anime!

* * *

So, this evening, Mrs. Fungus happened to see that a local theater was running Ghostbusters. I mean, 1984, Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis, the original Ghostbusters.

Really, when you think about it, we couldn't not go.

...and it's been a long time since I enjoyed a movie that much. I'm not kidding: I was smiling the entire time I was watching the movie. I was laughing out loud at it even though I know it by heart.

The same theater is running Empire Strikes Back and I'm actually thinking about going back for another shot of 1980s big-screen madness. This weekend.

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