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#7319: It's arrived

Got the rebuild kit for the bike's starter. Now all I need to do is to remove the starter from the bike, rebuild it, then reinstall it.

$5 says I need to take the f-ing carbs out to do it, too. *whimper*

* * *

Someone leaked Trump's tax returns, which is illegal, and the New York Times got ahold of them. Apparently the big deal is that one time Trump got a refund of $79 million. There's other insanity such as the (false) assertion that one year Trump paid just $750 in taxes.

Let's get one thing straight: when you have a tax bill, you have to pay what you owe. The IRS employs a lot of really smart accountants who will go over your tax forms and make sure you're obeying the law. If not, you get audited, and could pay fines and penalties.

Do you honestly think that the IRS would not look into a tax return that said "$79 million refund" and check every last decimal point?

But when you hire an accountant, it's his job to save you money. He's the one who has to pore over the billion-odd pages of US tax code to find the deduction that will save you $10,000 on your taxes this year, thus keeping you from having to pay anything--and the better he is at his job, the more he's going to charge for his services. What he does is to make sure you pay the LEGAL minimum tax, to give the government as little of your hard-earned money as possible.

We can infer that Trump broke no tax laws by the fact that he's not been prosecuted for tax fraud, after decades of business dealings and paying taxes. Such prosecutions are a matter of public record, and if Trump had a history of tax fraud we'd have heard all about it by now. If he'd even been in dock once for "tax irregularities" the press would have been screaming about it constantly from the moment he walked down the stairs and declared his candidacy.

No one's going to care about this except for the morons with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Most folks are sick and tired of the constant drumbeat of phony scandals, and a certain sector of the population (self included) actually consider it a mark in his favor that he was clever enough to avoid paying income tax.

The left's argument here comes down purely to "he didn't pay his fair share" but that's horseshit. Trump paid what he owed, the same way every last tax-and-spend Democrat does, as defined by the law.

You know what the IRS calls someone who pays more than he owes? A fool.

* * *

After Hitler appointed Hermann Goering Minister of the Interior, Goering's first act was to defund the police.

Yeah, "antifa" my ass.

* * *

"How will we power all the plug-in cars when six people too many turning on the AC in California causes blackouts?"

They lack the infrastructure to replace all those gasoline cars with electric ones.

* * *

This is how. Nuclear power plants, lots of them. "Safer and cheaper" than renewable.

* * *

The cupola roof is coming along. Finished with the sheathing, got flashing strips cut and bent, and test-fitted the weathervane. Getting close to being done with the roof!

* * *

I'm tired tonight. *sigh*

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