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#7322: Oh crimony

Up at 4:30 today to go get blood drawn early-early--made it to work exactly on time. Got a few things accomplished, at least, but when quitting time came around I was done.

Mrs. Fungus worked from home today, so she'd gone out and gotten KFC--so I came home, ate chicken, sat upright for an hour afterwards, and then went to bed and slept.

Only a couple hours' worth of sleep, and I'll be going back to bed in perhaps an hour or so, but damn did I need it.

* * *

I did watch the entirety of the debate last night. Well, calling it a "debate" seems like an exaggeration, because the two candidates weren't allowed any actual debate. Instead, the moderator was helping Biden, so Trump was effectively debating the moderator and his opponent in the election. To call it a "shitshow" is to insult displays of fecal matter.

The usual slimy tricks, too, such as Trump constantly being interrupted by Biden, but when Trump tried to interrupt, the moderater shut him down. Also, putting Democrat talking points into the questions.

Several of Biden's assertions were flat-out lies, like repeating the "good people on every side" canard.

What's his name, Wallace, was so ineffective that my wife and I started cracking jokes about his penis shrinking: "Please, gentlemen! You can hardly see it--ah, it's become a singularity. There is now a gravitic anomaly in my crotch."

...and as usual, our wisecracks were the best part of the whole thing.

Biden did what he had to do, which was to remain upright, not fall asleep, not to foul his britches (at least not obviously), and string words into reasonably coherent sentences. He was helped in this by the moderator and a focus (as Limbaugh predicted) on lambasting Trump with constant references to the Democrat talking points ("racist", "bigot", "crazy", "corrupt", etcetera.) But every point he scored against Trump was based on misinformation or blatant falsehood.

Trump, on the other hand, was there to debate, was ready and able--and if the moderator had let him, would have mopped the floor with Biden. Trump's failure there was expecting a reasonably fair debate, but he did call him on it: "It looks like I'm debating you," he said to Wallace. "But that's okay. I expected it."

Biden fucked up when he called Trump a "clown" and when he said, "Shut up, man!" There were a couple of places where Trump fucked up, simply by interrupting his opponent when he was in the middle of making a mistake.

Best part: Biden called Kyle Rittenhouse a "white supremecist" which is actionable, and Rittenhouse's lawyers are threatening the Biden campaign with a defamation lawsuit if they don't retract the campaign ad that resulted from that segment of the debate.

Worst part: moderator inserting himself into the debate. Dude, STFU. No one cares. Let the candidates duke it out; that's why people are watching.

* * *

Of course, in the wake of this, the left is declaring loudly that Biden won and therefore no more debates are necessary. Of course, if Biden had actually won, the left would not be agitating to cancel the remainder.

I'm reminded that in 2016, Trump was said to have lost every last debate with Hillary, too.

* * *

September sped by. Today was the first anniversary of my actual work on the job, and it both seems like a long time ago and not long at all.

* * *

Chilly weather, and the trees are already starting to turn. Well, it's October in another 57 minutes, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

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