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I'm not gonna lie, here: I'm out of stuff to talk about.

"But Fungus," you say, "Donald Trump has COVID-19 and antifa and election and--"


Because it's October, and we have the spooky holiday at the end of the month, Mrs. Fungus and I started to watch spooky shows. Vampire Princess Miyu, the TV show, four eps' worth. She then went to bed and I kept fiddling with Achernar, because that was literally the first time I'd turned that computer on since, uh.... Good gravy, I can't remember when it was last on. Months. Lots of months.

So I decided to play WoW Classic on it, and I realized that the game looked a lot more vibrant and clear on the TV than it did on the Giganto-Tron.

Let's face it: the Apple Cinema Display is a used monitor; it was already years old when I acquired it. It has a problem with burn-in across the top 1" of screen and its native resolution is a weird 2560x1600.

When I switch to that resolution, though, everything goes wonky. The font used here in the LJ editor changes. All my icons are tiny. But WoW Classic, with the display slider turned all the way up to 10, still gets close to 100 frames per second...and it looks a lot better than it did with the monitor at 1920x1080.

Still: this display won't last forever and I know I'll need to replace it. My plan is still to get an articulating arm-type wall mount and put a 32" full HD screen on that arm so it will hover over the desktop.

Yet another project. *sigh*

* * *

Today Og is picking up his toy, the beautiful green MR2 Spyder he bought a couple weeks ago. I couldn't be more happy for him; it's a gorgeous car and it's been well-kept.

* * *

Yesterday I did some shopping and picked up more home improvement supplies. Small stainless steel nails for the flashing on the cupola roof, and weather-proof spackle for the soffet over the bathtub, and a few other things. Roller covers, tray liners.

The spackle that I used was too hygroscopic for the environment it was in; the shower steam made it peel right off. At some point we're going to have another 3-day weekend, and the night that weekend begins I'm going to hit those spots with this weatherproof spackle and then we're going to eschew using the shower for a couple days while it dries to a hard cure. Then slap some paint over it to seal it.

All told, I dropped close to $50 at the freaking hardware store. *sigh*

* * *

HAA HA HAA HA HA HA YOU'RE DELUSIONAL. The governor of Washington state is telling Boeing that when airplane production resumes, he expects those planes to be made in Washington.

Except for one inconvenient fact: it's not up to you, Hitler.

I say that because that right there is the essence of fascism: "Boeing must bring those jobs back to Washington" is the government telling a business how it must conduct its business. But while the governor may be more than willing to go that route, the simple fact is that Washington state cannot force Boeing to do anything.

Boeing has decided to move production of one aircraft--the 787 if I recall correctly--to North Carolina. And the correct response to the would-be fascist's implied threat is, "Or else what, dick splash?"

Good luck with that.

* * *

The theater that we saw Ghostbusters at has closed. We don't know why, whether it's business or COVID-19 or what. I would have liked to go back to see The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen in those ultra-comfortable reclining chairs they have. It's a nice theater!

* * *

Thin layer of clouds, just enough to keep it from being properly sunny without the day looking completely grey and overcast. Chilly (fifties) but very little wind.

I need to change the Jeep's oil soon, and I'd like to get the new exhaust on before winter comes. And the sway bar end links. And I need to finish work on the cupola and I need to do thirty-seven other things...but when late Saturday morning comes around and my wife is still in bed I can't help myself: it's quiet and pleasant and I'm really tired....

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