atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7326: Eventually it catches up with you.

181 MPH is far beyond the bounds of anything that has even a resemblance of "reasonable" speed on a public highway. Look, you want to go that fast on a track, knock yourself out.

"Oh, but he did it on a motorcycle. Even if he ran into a car he'd be the only one hurt!"


I wonder how many people died in that little contretemps?

* * *

Yesterday, Og went to Ann Arbor to pick up his new toy. All he was able to rent for a one-way trip was an enormous van (seats 18) and apparently it came with its own zip code. On the way back, a MR2 Spyder, two seats of pure driving excitement.

Just having seen the pictures of the thing, I want one, though I doubt I'd be able to find one as nice as he has.

* * *

Pet owner mistakes: last night I took a comb to Critter to get some knots out of his fur. Kept going after I'd handled them and combed about half a cat's worth of dead hair out of his pelt. That was fine, as far as it went, but the "mistake" came in when the other two cats got jealous and wanted to be combed, too.

Maki insisted on attacking the comb but I still got him reasonably de-thatched. Twigs is a shorthair and doesn't need it, and wouldn't sit still for it, even though he watched attentively the entire time I was combing Critter and Maki.

* * *

...I got nothing. Made chicken stir fry last night, at my wife's behest, and it came out pretty well. The leftovers will be lunch tomorrow and probably Tuesday.

Cloudy today (it had been forecast to be sunny) and cool. I have no energy and no motivation.

A thousand chores to handle, and I am a flat tire.

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