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#7328: Well, that's a bit of a setback.

Went up on the roof this evening, intending to get some work done on the cupola base. Went up with hammer and paint scraper, and went to work. And as I worked on it, I was simultaneously impressed and horrified at the condition of the thing. "Impressed" because the louvered portion has held up beautifully. "Horrified" because the wood has deteriorated on the other parts.

The cupola has three basic sections. The base is made of plywood. There's a belt of hardwood trim. Atop that sits the louvered part of it; and atop the louvered part sits the roof.

So, the plywood is mostly sound. It's not holding the nails too well but if I replaced them with drywall screws that wouldn't matter. I think I can disassemble it, brush it with wood hardener, and screw it back together, and have a decent base. But it looks pretty beat up. (I'm not actually sure it's plywood, in fact. It might be "appearance grade" lumber.) Wood hardener, some sanding, and paint, and it might/should/oughtta be okay.

Likewise, the louvered section--it's four pieces of louver, with 2x2s forming the corners. Louver rails are glued to the 2x2s. A couple of the louver slats are loose, but those could be glued in place very easily. The only other concern here is that the tops of the 2x2s are in bad shape. Wood hardener and putty is my plan, but if I really, really needed to, I do believe I could fit new 2x2s.

Of course the roof is brand new, exterior-grade plywood, sheathed with aluminum and (when completed) fully flashed so no water can get in.

That trim, though....

The trim that goes between the base and the louvers is in pretty bad shape. I had thought to fill the holes I saw with putty, and paint would hide that--but the problem is that there simply isn't enough wood in the corners to screw into. One corner was already loose, and one was getting iffy, and even the two good corners don't look all that hot.


Oh well! Just keep plugging away at it, I guess.

* * *

Well, this must be what Trump was referring to when he said "we've got it all on tape."
[They declassified] handwritten notes from former CIA John Brennan after he briefed former President Obama on an alleged plot by Hillary Clinton to tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia as "a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server" ahead of the 2016 US election,...
That's not exactly corroborating evidence for the whole "russiagate" horseshit. And even better?
The CIA referral...suggests that the Obama administration's anti-Trump investigation may not have been limited to the FBI, but may have included the use of CIA assets and surveillance capabilities, raising troubling questions about whether the nation's top spy service was weaponized against a U.S. political campaign.
And if that's so, that is heap bad juju for the former Obama administration.

* * *

NBA viewership has cratered.

It's so bad, they're going to try not rubbing their pure hatred of America in our faces. I think the damage has been done, though.

Let's face it: the final episode of Doctor Who Series 12--the extra-woke one that features a female Doctor--drew 4.6 million viewers, a hundred thousand more than the NBA final game did.

But peoples' habits have been changed thanks to COVID-19.
The problems facing sports entertainment all of a sudden are an example of the large complex system problem. It turns out that the audience for sport is not just about interest in the product and the quality of the performance. Sports operates within the larger culture, which is a highly complex system. There are rhythms to the culture, which carry things like entertainment through the culture. The lock downs and resulting insanity have broken those rhythms.
Let's say that just ten percent of the people out there discovered that they enjoy cooking, and have decided they'd rather spend fifty dollars on ingredients and have a sumptuous meal at home, rather than go out and pay twice as much for the same quality. What does that do to restaurant attendance?

[T]he social controls that nudged people along toward the results desired by the ruling class are no longer working. All the make-believe excitement the media can generate is not getting people to watch the NBA finals, because it was never about the hype. It was the social structures, those rhythms.
We actually saw that happening before COVID-19 in the political arena. The Democrat-media complex tried its best to bring down Trump using methods that had always worked before, but this time they just...didn't.

Things will, I believe, break one of two ways. If Biden wins the election, the United States will turn into Yet Another Socialist Shithole. If Trump wins the election, there will be Catharsis as the left desperately tries to overturn the results of the election...but the result will be a divided left wing and quite possibly the end of the Democrat party as a serious political party. If the Democrat party ends up in the hands of the hard left, then a new "left of center" party will rise to take its place and the Democrat party will fade to insignificance. If the Democrat party does not end up in the hands of radicals, they will then create their own party...which will be approximately as effective as the Green Party or the American Communist Party.

"Catharsis" will not be fun, but the nation has survived times of unrest before. I don't think it rises to the level of "civil war" because the left will be out of power.

We'll see, of course. I might be hopelessly optimistic.

* * *

Borepatch believes that Trump walking out of that hospital after two days is the end of the campaign. "Donald Trump just closed the deal with the American electorate," he says.
[S]top and think about what they're selling. Fear. Who wants to buy that? Who would choose to live their lives in fear? People will only do that if there isn't a better alternative. Donald Trump just gave the American Public a better alternative. It's this: Sure, you might catch the virus. It's not that bad. I know, because I caught it. Now it's time to get on with things.
And you see, this is why the most egregious examples of Trump Derangement Syndrome are demanding that Walter Reed Hospital be defunded.</a>

And of all people Kirstie Alley takes them to task:

"You hate him. Just report that." No kidding!

* * *

That crazy bint's Pulitzer won't be revoked. They're all communists.

* * *

70,000 confirmed cases, three hospitalizations, no deaths. COVID-19 on campus. Yeah.

* * *

Netflix charged because of Cuties. "Promotion of lewd material depicting child" is the charge. Good luck, Texas.

* * *

The true gospel is a lot more than love and acceptance.

* * *

Today was pretty tiring, esp. with the work done on the cupola after work. I think I'll hit the hay early tonight.

But not just yet. A little WoW, first.

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