atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7329: Got some stuff done anyway

Took the two worst pieces of trim off the cupola base and hit all the rotten parts with hardener. I need to buy more hardener, though.

The base is not made of plywood; it's solid appearance-grade lumber, or was whenever it was made. This might complicate issues a bit if replacing it is needed. However, it did not want to let go of those trim pieces, so that may be a good sign. But holy smokes did it soak up that hardener!

Anyway, took off the worst-damaged piece of trim--so badly damaged that I had to cut it in half to get the profile!--and the second-worst. I may end up replacing all of it, just on general principles.

Turned my attention to the roof. Got one piece of flashing nailed down before Mrs. Fungus came home; after she went inside I nailed on another piece before knocking off for the night. "Half-finished" is fine.

Tomorrow after work I'm going to Menards in search of trim with the right profile, and more hardener. Wish me luck.

* * *

They let the mask slip in June about the (un)Fair Tax scheme and it's damage control time, I guess.

* * *

Overturn hundreds of years of contract law because transsexuals don't like hearing jokes about them. Nope!

* * *

"Desperation shows its ugly face in many ways/No one can escape the times we live in." ("On the Other Side", K Livgren.)

Democrats are really reaching, aren't they?

* * *

They hate Trump because he's an alpha male and if there's one thing leftists cannot abide, it is a strong right-wing leader.

* * *

Today was an annoying day at work. The weather, however, was "perfect autumn day" and we had golden autumn sunlight through the whole day. The leaves are starting to turn and it's gorgeous in that light.

* * *

I got my copy of Battle Ground last week but haven't had time to start reading it. *sigh*

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