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#7330: Well, that took TWO HOURS

Left work on the dot at 5, got home a little bit before 7--going to Menards to buy materials in between.

Anyway, as expected they don't have the shape I need. But I found something which was close to right, and realized that if I were to stick another rectangular piece on the back of it, I would end up with something that was pretty dang close to perfect. So I bought two pieces of each, another can of hardener, and another bucket of putty. I should be good to go.

...came home and ceased activity. *sigh*

* * *

Thanks to capitalism, the world poverty rate has been declining. 42.3% of the world population lived in poverty in 1981. Today, in 2020, that number is 8.6%.

Naturally, the marxists want to change that. It should be 99%!

* * *

The NBA has realized just how seriously they screwed the pooch, and now they are desperately trying to un-screw it. I don't know; they screwed that pooch pretty thoroughly.

It took pro baseball a decade to recover from the strike in the early nineties; people just stopped watching baseball because the lack of games got them out of the habit of watching. In this case, the NBA actively pissed off a hell of a lot of their fans with all their woke bullshit.

Further, the players aren't going to want to stop with the woke bullshit. So, good luck with that.

* * *

Disney may be screwed. Well, they did it to themselves.

* * *

The failure of left-wing political "comedy" is Trump's fault. No, I don't really understand it, either. Here's the explanation, though:
"We have to signal to the audience, 'Hey, we know how you're feeling,' so it doesn't seem like you're making light of a serious thing." Yet making light of serious things is the definition of political comedy. Here lies the problem facing "The Daily Show" and its offspring: Consumers of this brand of comedy are so horrified by Trump that irreverence can feel like betrayal.
The other problem facing these shows is that they have one joke and one insult, which are the same as the left wing's one joke and one insult.

Joke: Hey, that Bad Orange Man...isn't he stupid? Aren't the people that support him stupid?

Insult: Bad Orange Man is stupid! Anyone who supports him is stupid!

They can manipulate it so that they're saying it different ways, of course ("Look at that stupid fat jerk wearing the MAGA hat." or "Look at that fat jerk in the MAGA hat! Even though he's stupid, he actually knows how to operate a hat!") but the result is the same. "Trump is stupid. His supporters are stupid. Isn't Trump stupid? Aren't his supporters stupid?" all pretty much said in the same tone of voice with the same smarmy sneer.

It's the same phenomenon as Rush Limbaugh's radio show. The left has tried, time and again, to put up an "answer" to Limbaugh, and it's failed every time. First off, the left has the entire rest of the media pumping out its bullshit, so there's no need to listen to a talk radio show--but their material consists entirely of "The right is stupid!" and "Isn't the right stupid?" said in various ways.

* * *

The vice-presidential debate:

I was annoyed at Pence because he let Harris get away with so many lies about the Trump administration; but Pence was as cool as a cucumber, well-spoken, utterly unperturbable, addressing both the moderator and his opponent in a civil manner even when he was making a savage point.

Harris--the entire night--sounded either like she was about to break down crying, or else was shaking with fear; and she talked down to Pence the entire time. She repeated herself a lot, too, constantly reiterating talking points, and a few times she crowbarred them in.

The opinion on the right is that Pence mopped the floor with Harris. I'm not so sure, but he sure did look a lot more like a statesman than she did.

* * *

Tomorrow, Trump is going to be on Limbaugh's show for three hours. I don't know how I'm going to manage it but I've got to listen to that show!

* * *

Today I took the plunge and ordered a motor kit for my $100 (in 1994) mountain bike. The motor kit is $115 shipped, with tax. 50cc, has everything you need to motorize a bicycle. It should make a nice late autumn or winter project. be done after all my home improvement tasks are done. *sigh*

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