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#7331: Cargo rockets!

The US Space Force wants cargo rockets. The idea being to develop the capacity to send 80 tons of stuff halfway around the planet in an hour.

SpaceX just happens to be building a heavy-lift booster that's meant to be dirt cheap to build and fly. Guess where this is going?

...because it's not going just to be cargo. Sooner or later, it'll be people. Paying passengers, civilians who want to spend an afternoon in Tokyo or Moscow or Paris but who live in Chicago or Miami or Las Vegas. Yeah.

* * *

Today I came home from work and made some more progress on the cupola. I finished flashing the roof and put the first coat of paint on it. Slapped some white paint on the base to see how it will go, and I think it'll go just fine. Maybe make a couple of bracing blocks to attach to the inside corners to stiffen it up, but I don't think I need to replace it.

Put putty in the corner posts of the louvered section. From the can, it has the consistency of canned frosting; I have no idea how that's going to be when it's time to put screws in it.

But the first thing I did was to cut a chunk of the shaped molding and a piece of the rectangular stock I bought yesterday, and glued them together. Figured I'd use long drywall screws to hold the pieces together while the Gorilla Glue dries. Used my drill press to drill holes in the pieces. Screwed and clamped together, I had a gander at the result, and liked it.

The rectangular stock is perhaps 1/8" thinner than the shaped piece is. But when I looked at how it would go, it looks as if I can set all this up so that the louvered part sits just inside that lip, which will be very cool. So I'm letting the Gorilla Glue cure overnight and we'll have a gander at the piece in the morning.

I still need to figure out how to cap the flashing on the roof. I'm thinking of taking a piece of aluminum and brazing it together with "aluminum welding rod" (solder, basically) in a pyramid shape. Fit to the top of the thing, nail it in place, done. Of course then I'll have to paint it. No biggie, though.


* * *

According to FedEx the motorization kit might arrive as soon as Sunday. But here's what must get done before I can play with it:
1) The cupola, finished and remounted on the roof.
2) Master bedroom painted
3) Water filter installed and functioning
4) Tub soffet ceiling dealt with
For the last one, I found some weatherproof spackle, which ought to better resist the humidity of the tub area during showers. Once spackled and sanded, paint it with Kitchen and Bathroom paint, which is also humidity-resistant.

Painting the master bedroom--I still have most of the surface prep to do but about half the spackling is done. I could put paint on one wall about 15 minutes after sanding it. I just need to get 3 other walls into the same state. Mask everything--painting will take an afternoon. Two coats on the ceiling, let it dry a couple hours, two coats on the walls, done.

Water filter: still need to pressure-test it, which makes a huge mess and is fiddly "pray and try again". Once it doesn't leak, then we get to patch it into the water system, which will be nerve-wracking.

Cupola: in progress.

* * *

Really gorgeous indian summer day today. I really wanted to play hooky for the last couple hours of work, but I didn't. It's still extremely pleasant outside, so we're ventilating with outside air.

* * *

Over on MangaDex I found Ichigo Mashimaro. Now, they published through volume 5 here in the US; apparently now there are volumes 6 and 7. Still really entertaining!

* * *

Sure would be nice to take the motorcycle for another ride. I suppose what I need to do is to carry a screwdriver, so that if it doesn't want to start again I can pop the starter cover off and hit it.

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