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#7334: Yet another twisted statement from the Democrats

So, when a Republican President appoints judges to existing, and empty, courts, and a Republican Senate approves them, that's "packing the courts".

When a Republican President fills vacancies that the previous occupant of the White House failed to fill in his eight years of tenure there, because he couldn't be bothered with it, that's "packing the courts".


Look here: Obama had a Democrat Senate long enough to have gotten all his judges through, particularly after Harry Reid killed the judicial filibuster. I'm looking at a not-very-good graph here but I make that to be not less than six years of Obama's presidency were spent with a friendly Senate.

And yet, when Trump got in, there were all kinds of vacancies in the judicial system, because Obama hadn't bothered to fill them. Naturally Trump filled them! Why wouldn't he?

But "packing the court" has a specific historical meaning: it means adding justices to multi-judge courts to change its ethos. Like, the Democrats adding four more left-wing judges to the Supreme Court so that it will be a long time before it can ever be swung rightward again. Adding justices to the SC is "packing the court". Filling empty seats is not.

Because Democrats are liars.

* * *

So CDC reported that 70% of the people who came down with COVID-19 in America were wearing masks. They obviously don't work. Can we stop now?

* * *

Speaking of junk science, let's make sure the planet is actually warming before we start trying to stop the warming, okay? I can just see it: assholes do stuff designed to cool the planet, because "the science is settled!", only they end up triggering an ice age because the planet is NOT WARMING.

I agree that tiny glass beads are a great way to prevent warming, but the simple fact is that there hasn't been any warming since the 1990s and there's evidence which suggest things are actually getting cooler. More and better evidence than anything pushed in support of global warming.

If you are really worried about human carbon emissions, you need to be talking to China and India, and getting them to curtail their CO2 emissions--not telling Americans to freeze in the dark.

And especially not thinking up cockamamie schemes for cooling a planet which doesn't need it.

* * *

The bit about Stephen King--
[Y]ou can't read any of King's later work without being hit with the man's overwhelming, obsessive need for a legacy. The older he gets, and thus the further into Boomer narcissism he descends, the more obvious it becomes that he got a bad grade in one of his creative writing classes in college back in The Sixties™ and never got over it. This man wanted to be the next John Cheever, and that's fine, but still can’t accept, after all these years, that he's gotten rich past the dreams of avarice being the next Edgar Allan Poe. He wants littérateur on his tombstone, and he ain't gonna get it, so he takes it out on Republicans on Twitter.
And then the bit finishes with this:
If you're an entertainer, then entertain. Appreciate it for what it is--a rare gift that God only hands out to a selected few. I'd be thrilled to have "popular novelist" on my tombstone, and if the worst my fans could say about me was "he's no great artist," well, I'd die content. If I could use my talent to improve lives, either directly or via my shitloads of cash, then I'd die a happy man indeed. Appreciate what you have, buddy--it can all be taken away so fast.
I once referred to him as "Stephen 'You know who I am even if you're a bushman from Botswana because I've sold so many fucking books' King" because he became rich beyond dreams of avarice writing spooky tales that people bought by the truckload. Not to mention the income from movie rights for half his novels.

If I became a NYT best-seller every time I sold a book, and had a bunch of my stories made into successful movies that made a shitton of money, and became basically the household word for American science fiction novels such that merely by writing a foreword to a novel I'd guarantee it sold at least double what it would have sold without my name on the cover--but people said, "Well, it's not like it's great literature, but damn, what stories!"--I would be perfectly happy with that.

* * *

Ah, someone else who does his best work when he's trying to get to sleep. I originally added Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise to my blogroll because he referred to "Duty, honor, and responsibility," which was something of a mantra for me when I was trying to get through college.

...yes it's a line I got from Doctor Detroit but I take inspiration where I get it...and it worked, FFS, because I graduated from college with a B average. So, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
This hypnogogic state (that no-man’s land between sleep and being awake) is a wonderful place for me. I focus on a topic, and let my mind take the topic where it will. Often, it’s back to sleep. That’s okay.

But other times? I end up making connections I might not have made otherwise. I love that. That’s one of the reasons I love my Monday posts. I have that ability to really let my mind explore on the weekend. I’d do that during the weekdays, but if I miss and end up sleeping? Snoring is frowned on at work.
Which is why my collection of short stories is named Hypnogogia.

* * *

Just in time for Halloween, Madonna's become a nightmarish parody of a human being.

Not long ago I saw a recent picture of Jan Smithers, who played Bailey Quarters on WKRP in Cincinnati. She's allowed herself to age. She looks fine; she's got wrinkles and grey hair but she's 71 years old and looks closer to 65-ish. If you're in her age bracket, you could do worse--lots worse.

Madonna, on the other hand, is 62, and she looks like a freaking space alien. She's plumbing the depths of the uncanny valley.


* * *

The notebook is getting ridiculous again.

...had a martian talking with Smoker about being depressed because of the bad art, lousy jokes, etcetera...then added, "Ennui and the pathos."

Smoker: OH, DICK

Martian: What??

Smoker: You KNOW what comes after a setup like "Ennui and the Pathos"!

Martian: OH NO


...and I proceed to give the names of the band members as if they were being introduced. A bunch of made-up names I'll probably never use again. Instruments are the calliope, harp, "tenor banjo", drums, lute, washtub bass, saxophone, serpent, and "John Sculley, former CEO of Apple, on the washboard!"

So we're given a couple glimpses of his record-setting longest "high-speed washboard solo" that lasted nearly 32 minutes, but he got kicked out of the band for grandstanding and showboating. So of course he released a solo album titled "'WASH' you were here!" which went gold and hit #18 on Billboard for 2020. That got him invited back to Ennui and the Pathos, and he went because "they're my boys!" but tragically, in 2038 he overdosed on coke.

"Well, he should have known better," an angry groupie martian says. "He was the CEO of Pepsi before he was at Apple!"

Another angry martian groupie adds, "He never liked Coke anyway! He said it tasted like steeped cardboard!"

"The scandal rocked the music world. WHO gave Sculley the 2-liter of Coca-Cola?"

Next page: "NOW the truth will be told! His personal assistant confesses all!"

Hot Dog Man: "What was I SUPPOSED to do? They were all out of diet Fresca!"

...and when I read through that I laugh my ass off at that punchline, every time.

Maybe I need to get out more.

* * *

Yes I know that Fresca is already diet. That's part of the joke! Hot Dog Man is not exactly a genius, you know!

* * *

Nothing got done at home today. All I really did was to wash clothes. *sigh*

Today was a dreary, drizzly, rainy day...until about 3 PM. The sky cleared up a bit and it got cooler outside.

* * *

Anyway, Monday kind of zipped past. On the plus side, this time I got to have lunch before dinnertime, so I've got that going for me.

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