atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7335: Feeling kinda bleah tonight

Came home from work and changed clothes and slapped another coat of paint on the cupola base. Mrs. Fungus and I hit Red Lobster for dinner, and had a lovely meal; but the entire time I've been feeling kinda hypoglycemic.

I didn't get nearly enough sleep last night--it was a three cough drop night, meaning that I had to get up and get a cough drop three times in order to get back to sleep--and today I actually fell asleep in my desk chair for a few minutes, in my office, while I was waiting for a user to get back to me about remoting into her computer, and also simultaneously waiting for files to copy from a computer to the network.

But today I got my performance review and it was good, so that's nice. No raises this year (thanks COVID-19 and the Democrat overreaction thereto) but I can live with that.

* * *

The motorizing kit came today. The motor itself is tiny--I can hold it in one hand--which is about what you'd expect for a 49cc 2-stroke engine with a rudimentary transmission attached. At lunchtime I read through the manual and it was surprisingly light on Engrish.

Looked at Amazon today and saw that you can get just the motor for about $55. The manual has several dire warnings about using the right fuel mix--they say 16:1 for the break-in period--and says that the motor will seize if you get this wrong and don't mix the fuel completely.

The thing that concerns me is that it seems as if there's no way for the motor to freewheel; it has a lever-type clutch. Hmm, maybe find a centrifugal clutch to replace the lever-type? Eventually?

Looking forward to playing with it...but not until I get some of the home improvement chores done.

* * *

A pictue of Ruth Ginsburg, done in "oils and tampons". Yyyyeah, okay.

* * *

Looks as if lunch didn't agree with me. *sigh* That's why I feel so crummy.

* * *

Took another gander at the motor kit, of course, this time unpacking it and taking stock. They give you everything you need to put it on a bike, but the manual is chock-full of tips on better ways to do it, which is neat. Also, they include a spark plug wrench, and a rotor removal tool for if/when you need to get the magneto out.

I mean, it's 100% pure Chinesium, but from this perspective it looks decently well-made. Not bad for $115 shipped.

The clutch lever includes a way of locking it on; I think that's how you get to ride your bicycle.


There's an exploded diagram of the engine and it looks like it is indeed a one-speed. Crank has a tiny gear on it that turns a much larger gear which is connected to the clutch and output shaft. Look: for what I paid for this thing, a torque convertor is way beyond the pale for reasonable expectations.

But I keep thinking, "What else could I motorize with a kit like this?" and my mind turns to the old metal wagon hanging in the garage....

* * *

Anyway, we got back from the restaurant a bit after 8 PM, and once I've had my hour of sitting upright after a meal I think I'm going to take my pills and go to bed. Work tomorrow, whether I feel good or not.

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