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#7336: Better today, anyway.

Nothing really happened last night, except that I was awakened several times by intense gastrointestinal pressure that turned out to be entirely gaseous in nature. But I couldn't tell what was about to come out and wasn't going to risk it, so I got up and hit the can and basically made "unmuffled Harley-Davidson" noises. And it hurt, too--like instead of gas, razor blades were coming out. Maybe that was due to the pressure? I don't know.

But after 2-3 episodes of that nonsense everything settled down and I was able to sleep. And everything was normal today, too.

I don't really understand it, but I'll take it.

* * *

So, today the story broke that they have the whole Hunter Biden thing sewn up, with evidence that proves he did what he did, and his father Joe did what he did, and it gives dates and times and numbers and everything.

Understand, as "October surprises" go, this one's thermonuclear. The New York Post published an article about the computer that was found at an Apple repair shop which had everything on it, all the evidence needed to put Joe and Hunter Biden in jail.

So naturally Twitter and Facebook have done everything they can to ban the story. It needs to be "fact checked" (even though they allowed every unsubstantiated Trump story to go unchecked). It comes from "hacked sources". And other excuses, all of which amount to Facebook and Twitter taking steps to protect Biden from the story.

The Federal Election Commission needs to take a long, hard look at this, because that might just be an "in kind" campaign donation.

Gee, the left-wing media covering up a story that will hurt a Democrat's election chances. What a surprise that is.

* * *

Webster just rendered all their dictionaries worthless. Why? Well, because in a desperate attempt to get something on Amy Coney Barrett, some useless Senate extrusion accused her of using the phrase "sexual preference" which is--very suddenly!--offensive to homosexuals. It never was before, but Ms. Barrett used it, so it's got to be turned into an offensive term.

Webster immediately updated its definition of "preference" to include the word "offensive" when referring to a sexual preference.

Another thing which is suddenly offensive, racist, and colonialist, is when white people adopt black children.

Francis Porretto asks some good questions there, but I can answer them for him right now. The answer to all his questions is, "Shut up, you racist nazi motherfucker." Or, alternately, "The mere fact that you ask that question demonstrates how racist you in fact are."

Basically, the answer is that he's a racist, because actually finding the actual answers for those questions would be mightily inconvenient for the left and its racial grievance machine.

* * *

So, I did some math today.

You see, I realized that when my dad was my current age, he bought his eldest son a car.

My brother won a scholarship, you see, and Dad had promised him that if he got a scholarship, Dad would get him a car. Let's face it: even in 1980, college was getting expensive. Buying a car was already cheaper than tuition for four years at a good university.

The car was a 1980 Camaro Rally Sport, with a 5 liter V8, 4-speed manual, T-tops, AC, and the gauge package. Not much else, not even a radio. And I got to thinking: what did that car cost?

About $7,600 in 1980 dollars...or $24,000 in 2020 dollars.

So then I went to the Chevrolet web site and configured a 2020 Camaro. Turns out that because my brother's car was so low-optioned, every option it had is covered by the base equipment, so the price for a 2020 Camaro with a V8 and manual transmission came to $34,995.

Of course you cannot get T-tops from the factory for any price; I suppose there's a shop somewhere which could graft T-tops into the car but it wouldn't be cheap.

...still, ran the inflation calculator in reverse and came out with a list price of $11,100 for the 2020 Camaro in 1980 dollars.

The 2020 Camaro is 146% of the price of the 1980 Camaro, regardless of what dollars you use.

"It's a more advanced car, with more equipment!" The 2020 Camaro has technology that was flatly impossible in 1980, it's true, and automakers have found, for example, that it's cheaper to give every car power locks and windows (and raise the price a bit) than it is to give people a choice. But overall, when you come right down to it, a lot of the added features are either excessive attempts at safety, like having seven air bags per passenger, or "silent" features no one would pay for if they were optional. (Like, "emergency stopping assist" where the car applies full brake pressure if it thinks you're making a panic stop.)

I did all this from the standpoint of someone who was trying to buy a certain level of performance without spending too much on options (I don't recall if the car even had posi!) and that's how the numbers came out. 2020 is 146% of 1980.

The price of cars has outpaced inflation.

* * *

Incidentally, one other thing I found? Turns out that the specific configuration of my brother's 1980 Camaro is very desirable now. One in concours condition would fetch $30,000. If he'd kept it, instead of abandoning it to the elements in his friend's junkyard....

* * *

If a black person tells a leftist that he's not a victim and considers himself an equal to the leftist, the leftist blows a gasket. Because leftists are inherently racist.

Just remember: the Democrat party is the party of the Confederacy, of slavery, of Jim Crow, of segregation, and of the KKK.

* * *

No progress on home improvement tonight. Came home from work, washed a week's worth of dishes and packed them into the dishwasher, then cooked dinner. Planning to go to bed early, too, in order to get some f-ing sleep, FFS. I'm tired.

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