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#7342: No; no, they don't.

And so now the various media outfits are chiding us, "Oh, come on! Everyone does it!" Oh, sure, plenty of people get bored during Zoom meetings, whip out their dongs, and have a quick wank. Or, if female, grab the vibrating toy and use that, right?

I think? I really don't know. Because I'm not a pervert.

This is not normal behavior and it is not something that just kind of happens all over the place. Most people who engage in masturbation do so in private, and everyone quite correctly labels the ones who don't as perverts.

Remember Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens? Had a hit TV show until he was caught fapping in an "adult theater". Because doing that in public is inappropriate behavior.

The elites are trying to fix the situation for their boy Toobin, but quite frankly, we all could have gone our entire lives without this story and been perfectly happy about it.

Honestly, what is it with these people? They can't keep their pants on for a few hours? Toobin couldn't wait for lunchtime? He couldn't excuse himself and hit the can, or something?


* * *

So the other thing is the media are trying to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop as a fake. Politico says that "more than 50 former intelligence officials" agree that it's a "Russian information operation". "Former" means they came from prior administrations like Obama and Clinton (and probably Bush). They don't have access to the data contained in the laptop, yet they've pronounced it fake.

FBI and Department of Justice confirm that it's decidedly real and they have the machine in hand. I trust their word more than the word of "over fifty" unemployed leftist stooges who haven't seen the contents of the machine.

* * *

Googe is shilling for Biden, which is why the Department of Justice has started an antitrust investigation against them.

* * *

Not news: leftist news magazine show is biased against President Trump. 60 Minutes has been a left-wing hack job for decades.

* * *

China is having a problem. The problem I have with Zero Hedge is that their editorial bent leans too far to the apocalyptic, and every time there is any hint of trouble on the horizon it's automatically the worst thing it can possibly be, at the worst possible time, and we're all doomed.
World Food Program economists have already estimated that 270 million people globally are suffering from hunger this year. That's more than twice last year's amount. That number does not include China, the United States, and Europe as they are all considered food-secure countries.
As the COVID-19 restrictions have eased over the course of the year, supermarkets around here have returned to being fully-stocked. At no point this year--even at the height of the media-driven consumer panic--did I ever have trouble buying the staples, the ingredients I use all the time. In fact, the only problem I had was that there were a couple weeks where I couldn't buy a decent steak from the supermarket--and that was months ago. Just this past weekend my wife and I had delicious store-bought porterhouse steaks, thick and tender, and I paid a typical pre-COVID price for them.

Now, the evidence they present in that article does indicate that China may be having a problem with their food supply. It wouldn't be the first time; the fact that theirs is a command economy with certain capitalist optional features means there's no redundancy or robustness to it. So when you have an event which wrecks food production in one area--such as, say the outbreak of an epidemic which prompts you to shut down the economy of an entire province for months--you rapidly find that there's not really much of a surplus from other areas that you can move around. And that's on top of the outbreak of "pig ebola" which led to the culling of entire herds, putting a large dent in the pork supply. And pork is most of the meat in Chinese cuisine.

Because China is a communist economy with, as I said, certain capitalist options taped onto it, I'm confident that there are no surpluses worth speaking of. Under communism there is no incentive to produce more than is expected; you meet your quota because you have to, but only a fool works his ass off to produce more when there's no reward for it. Human nature is essentially capitalist.

* * *

Would you fuckers just GO?? The leftist asshats continually vow to leave America if the right-wing candidate is elected, but they never make good on it! They always stay!

--except Johnny Depp. He actually left. But he's the only one! The rest of them get up and posture and promise they're going to move to Canada or someplace if Reagan/Bush/Dole/Bush/Bush/McCain/Romney/Trump/Trump wins the election, but then they don't go.

Go ahead, Bruce, and leave the country if Trump wins! And take your shitty songs with you, you cretinous dicklick!

* * *

"I don't know if the world has ever seen anything like this. A bunch of people who live lives of freedom and relative luxury choosing to destroy their country because they've convinced themselves that they are the victims of a completely imaginary oppression."

The funny thing is that those people are being aided and abetted by people who have convinced themselves that they are the perpetrators of that very same imaginary oppression.

America is the most free and the most prosperous nation on Earth. If there is anywhere on the planet where racism is kept to a bare minimum, it is here.

Let me ask you: would you rather be a white man in South Africa, or a black man in America? Where would you rather be a Muslim: China or here? If you happen to be gay, would you rather live in Iran, or America?

Everyone knows the answers to those questions. Especially the people who claim that they're so oppressed by society.

* * *


That's right! Donald Trump FORCED intelligence officials to have malts! He had his personal goon squad line up with their AR-45s with the shoulder things that go up and point them at the intelligence officials and HE MADE THEM HAVE MALTS.

Wow, the Democrats sure got Trump now!

* * *


Had to run to my offsites before noon. Had a bout of hypoglycemia on the way, and so snagged a couple double cheeseburgers on the way. My actual lunch break started when I got home at 1:24, but instead of eating anything I laid down and took a quick catnap. That gave me enough energy that I was able to go back to the office and finish the day, but when I got home I went right to bed again and slept for another hour or so.

Still, it was a pretty productive day and I can't complain.

As I left work, I was thinking about how--very soon--it's going to be dark at quitting time again. Daylight Saving Time ends on the 31st (technically on November 1st) so we only have a couple weeks left of it.

* * *

The other day I made a new character in WoW Classic: an undead warlock named "Moldfinger", and I was surprised that the name wasn't taken. The warlock class is as easy to play as I remember it being before the challenge of the whole game was utterly nerfed to make the game more palatable for casuals.

...which is to say, for a dead guy, Moldfinger gets killed a lot.

Meanwhile, in preparation for "Shadowlands", I pre-bought the expansion pack and have done some fiddling around with it. The level compression took place--Ormus went from lvl 120 to lvl 50 with no actual loss of relative power--but Blizzard postponed the release date of the expac, for "reasons".

This marks the first time I've bought an "ultimate edition" for a very long time--I think since the release of Ultima IX. I was looking at the middle version, but when I saw that the "ultimate" was $20 more and included a month of game time (itself worth $15) I went ahead and spent the extra $5 to get the ultimate version instead. Whee!

* * *

Anyway, it's now 8:30. I got up at 6:30, which means I've been bloggerating for two hours. One more thing, and then I'm going to do something else.

I've been reading Ookumo-chan Flashback on MangaDex. Found it much earlier in the year and read all the extant chapters, but whoever had been doing the scanlation stopped doing so and it languished. Suddenly there were fresh chapters, though.

Basic premise is that the main character sees flashbacks from when his parents were in high school. Because he keeps seeing his mother through his deceased father's eyes, he's kind of a "mother-con", but it's all very wholesome and he's gradually falling for a girl his age anyway (as I expected him to) and it's a really charming, pleasant series.

* * *

And to other things!

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