atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7343: Completely unremarkable

I've seen bit after bit after bit about how Faceboob and Twattle are censoring Trump but never any Democrat, blah blah blah, etcetera, oh the hypocrisy!

I don't remark on it here because it's no longer remarkable, and hasn't been for a rather long time. Instead, whenever we see it happen YET AGAIN, it's just another example of the simple rule that hypocrisy is an essential characteristic of leftism.

There is no such thing as a leftist who is not a hypocrite. I don't care if it's your sainted aunt Tillie; if she's a Democrat, she's a hypocrite. It might take some digging to find it, but sooner or later you'll discover that there is some key place where she doesn't even remotely practice what she denounces other people for not doing. For most of the left, the two key places where hypocrisy occurs is in speech and finances.

Example: leftists give themselves leave to hate whoever they want in the name of "tolerance".

Example: leftists always call for high taxes on "the rich" but somehow "the rich" always make more than what the leftist earns. If the leftist in question is a hyperrich douche like Warran Buffett, then instead he claims, "My taxes ought to be much higher!" yet he employs a small army of accountants and lawyers specifically to make sure he isn't paying the government one cent more than he owes.

So in this case--major media outlets refusing to discuss the Hunter Biden laptop because they don't like "leaks", after four years of anti-Trump leaks--it's not surprising; and in fact it doesn't even make me mad any longer. I expect this kind of two-faced bullshit from our communist media the way I expect water from a faucet.

It has, of course, led me not to watch or read the mainstream media for news any longer. You can't trust them; they spin the stories they can't spike, but they spike a lot of stories that would make Democrats look bad. Their coverage is selective, their wording malleable according to who did the deed, their leftward bias both painfully obvious and ludicrously pathetic.

* * *

Speaking of ludicrously pathetic, I've got a sneaking suspicion this is why the media is so eager to discredit the Biden Laptop. The headline tells the tale: "Get Ready to See A Lot of Media Collusion With Hunter Biden In the Emails".

* * *

"We only want to lock down the country for two weeks to flatten the curve! Really!"

We're currently on day 215 of a 14-day lockdown.

* * *

Yesterday I got a lot done at work. Today, not as much, but still got things done, which makes me feel pretty good.

Also, tired. *sigh*

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