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#7344: If I didn't already love Donald Trump, this would do it for me

CBS' long-standing communist bullshit show 60 Minutes was all set to do the usual hack job they do to Republican Presidents. Trump released the entire interview and CBS is crying bitter tears over it because they wanted to present a "contextual" interview (ie one where they made him look as bad as deceptive editing could, by taking answers out of context).

It's pretty simple, really: you ask the President a set of questions in the interview and film his answers. You take the President's answers back to the studio with you, and then you film yourself asking an entirely different set of questions, and cut the two tapes together.

Let's have a ham-handed example:
Original question: "Do you like dogs, Mr. President?"

Answer: "Oh, I love them! They're so friendly, always willing to play. All you have to do is give them a little affection and they're all yours."

New question: "Do you like pretty young women, Mr. President?"
Read the answer in the context of the second question and you see what I mean. Of course they're not this obvious and clumsy about it--because these are professional propagandists who are paid extremely well to lie, and I'm just a dumb honest hick from flyover country--but it illustrates the methodology.

By the way, it turns out that the story that Trump "walked out" of the interview was also a lie. Because of course it is!

I'm going to watch the interview, even though I expect to find it extremely frustrating; but I liked the bit quoted at the end of the article:

Commie filth: Can you characterize your supporters?

President Trump: Yeah, I think I can: people who love our country.

* * *

I'm not the only one gloating over this, either.

* * *

In the debate tonight, Biden claimed that Trump called himself "Abraham Lincoln".

...I think Trump cleaned Biden's clock. There was one point where I think Biden panicked.

This didn't happen, which is good.

* * *

News flash: Remdesivir still doesn't work against COVID-19.

* * *

This is not going to win over the people in red states. Biden ad: "America was an idea. We've never lived up to it but we've never walked away from it before."

I'm sick and tired of Democrats pissing on America.

* * *

The money from the (un)Fair Tax scheme isn't going to fix the existing problems, but instead is earmarked for new spending. That's why it's absolutely essential to add "...right now" to the lies the ads tell about 97% of taxpayers not seeing a tax increase.

* * *

So, I've learned that conference calls are, for me, 100% instantly effective sleep agents. I had two of them this morning, back to back, and I do not remember so much as one point made in either of them.

The first one was run by (I think) an Irish guy, and at some point suddenly someone with about the same voice started speaking with such a thick French accent that I thought the Irish guy started speaking French. Then I realized that no, it was someone from France or Belgium who was speaking, but half the words sounded French to me, and by the time I got it sorted out and realized he was speaking English "wit dis OUTRAAAHHHHGEOUS OCCENT" the Irishman came back.

The second call was my boss teaching us about one of the account tools we use, but thanks to the first call I have absolutely no idea what was presented in that call, either.

They were all downhill--I was just there to listen--and I spent the entire time fighting sleep, and so the benefit that I gained from those two calls is effectively zero. I didn't even sleep, but was in some hazy twilight state, the entire time.

* * *

It was sunny today, during the afternoon. Warm, too.

When I got home from work, I ended up flopping. I got maybe an hour of sleep, woke up feeling embalmed. Probably just going to hit the hay when my wife does.

No, after--have to get the garbage out tonight. But immediately after that, I think.

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