atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7345: I'm glad the election is soon

I'm tired of the political ads.

I'm tired of hearing about the polls, particularly given that everyone knows they're wrong.

I'm tired of the Democrats' elder abuse of that poor man.

I'm tired of the yard signs.

* * *

Hoping to get sanding done this weekend, and the ceiling painted. Wouldn't that be cool?

* * *

My brother's oldest son posted on FatzBoob that he voted for Biden:
Why are they not teaching taxes in school? This country needs some changes. I voted for Biden.


Also, why is the USA government allowing people to be locked up in concentration camps if they're supposed to be the policeman of the world?? This country has been at war for 30 years and we can't help those who need it? I'm leaving.
I wanted to reply to him but don't want to be that uncle, so instead I'll write it here.

The problem with his question is that the United States is not supposed to be "the policeman of the world". That's a role it assumed during the Progressive Era of the early 20th century, back when Theodore Roosevelt was President--but the problem is that in a world where major powers have nuclear weapons, any kind of hostilities (whatever the motivation for them, no matter how noble) can easily turn into a civilization-ending global thermonuclear war.

* * *

I agree, this is the way to go. You'll want to wear a gas mask yourself, though.

* * *

New hotness on the left is to pretend to be utterly ignorant of the slang term "coyote".

Of course the left wants unrestricted immigration and doesn't care about the human cost of it.

The American left sanctions this evil in the name of increasing their political power.

And I do believe that all those asshats are merely pretending that they've never heard the term before. I think someone decided, "This is a way we can make Trump look bad!"

If they don't know the term coyote, then doubtless they've never heard of the rape trees, decorated with the panties of every little girl they rape.
You see, I have heard of coyotes, but I never heard about "rape trees" until just now, and I am completely horrified.

The American news media doesn't cover this stuff because if the American people knew this kind of thing was happening, they'd demand that it be stopped. Illegal immigration is a criminal enterprise and it is chock-full of the worst sorts of criminal behavior. If you support open borders, you support the rape of little girls. It's really that simple.

* * *

I'm tired and I need to have something for dinner. *sigh*

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