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#7349: Snow!

Snow in October, two years in a row--that is really unusual for the Chicago area!

It didn't stick, though; it's been too warm for that. But I drove home for lunch in a creditable snowstorm, even so, and if the ground was colder there would have been measureable accumulation.

* * *

On the way back to work I heard about some program that Cook County is doing where they're giving $600 apiece to people who've been monetarily affected by COVID-19--having to take time off to care for someone who's sick, or having to care for children who are off school, or-or-or--and the news item mentioned that in order to apply for it you had to have a "government-issued photo ID".

"That's racist!" I exploded. "You're just trying to suppress utilization of this program!"

Eh? C'mon! You know as well as I do that every time "Voter ID" is proposed, the Democrats tell us that it's merely a racist attempt to suppress the minority vote, and that's why it's unfair and wrong to expect people to present a government-issued photo ID before they vote! And if it's racist to expect people to present an ID to vote, then it's racist to expect them to present ID for anything else, damn it.

* * *

Got a line on a PC that might do as a replacement for Floristica, which is six years old. It's a Skytech computer, the "Archangel" model. Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, GTX-1660 video card, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM. The Ryzen 5 3600 is a mere 3.46x faster than the Core i5-4570 in Floristica. It's 2.65 times faster than the Ryzen 3 2200G in Achernar. And the amazing thing? 3600's clock speed is 3.6 GHz. Floristica's i5 is 3.2 GHz. Achernar's 2200G is 3.5 GHz. They're all about in the same ballpark, clock-wise; it's just that the 3600 is a lot more efficient at using clock cycles than the 4th-gen Core i5 in Floristica. Or even the 2200G in Achernar!

$850 at NewEgg with a coupon code which is around $100, $150 more than Floristica cost, but look at all that bling!

Well, we'll see. Supposedly, there's going to be another round of stimulus; and if there is....

* * *

Okay, everyone get out your dusty copies of Adele's most horrible hits and play "Rumor Has it" because RUMOR HAS IT that Hunter Biden died of a drug overdose today. Either that, or Biden himself had a massive stroke. Or----


...I don't believe any of it, but the post mentions the possibility that if Hunter Biden were dead, it could be because he was "Epsteined"--killed in order to keep him from being investigated--because of what is in his laptop.

And I thought to myself: my God, Lord of Mercy, the horrors that the Democrat party is visiting on this poor family! I mean, it's not bad enough that they're making that poor decrepit man run for President with his mind turning to mush, flogging him like a failing horse--but then if he somehow manages to win, to give up the position to someone whose brain works well enough to follow instructions. Shooting him full of God-knows-what to make him coherent enough to answer questions, giving him a drug that improves brain function but makes him crap his pants.

...and then murdering his only remaining son?

I don't believe it, if only because it's too far out there. If it were true, it would be such an egregious violation of common decency that only the wholesale incarceration of the Democrat leadership, and the end of the Democrat party, would begin to atone for the crime.

It's not that I have any special affection for the Biden family, but because everything the Democrats have been doing in this election is so pathetic and wrong, all because they're trying desperately not to have whatever other crimes they've committed investigated by an administration that has said it is 100% about law and order for everyone. The assholes selected Biden from a baker's dozen of unappealing candidates, using their ballot-stuffing tricks to make sure the leadership's pick got the nod; only when he did, it turned out that his brain was hash browns, rapidly turning into mashed potatoes.

Too late to turn back--having expended an enormous amount of political capital to select Joe Biden, the Democrat leadership could not now say, "Whoops, turns out Joe's got the brain of George Bush, who was stupid, rememeber? Ha ha ha--so we need to front [other pick]." Who would it have been? Who could it have been, when the other candidates had been such unremediated shitheads that Bernie Sanders was beating them? None of those people were electable at all and Bernie Sanders was the death knell for the Democrat establishment, so who could they get? Hillary? Don't make me laugh: she already lost to Trump once and she's scarcely in any better shape than Biden is. Michelle Obama? She's never held office and no one likes her. Go through the list of prominent Democrats and you won't find anyone who has the stature necessary to win the election. Pelosi? Feinstein? Schiff-for-brains?

Joining a dangerous mission and told that his place was on the throne, a king in one of my stories asked if there was anyone who could do what needed doing? "Only name him, Father Thorgrimm, and I shall summon him forth immediately."

That's the problem the Democrats had: there wasn't anyone besides Biden who could creditably take the nomination and run with it and have any kind of decent polling at all. Picking another candidate after selecting Biden the way they did, all that would do would be to convince a lot of Democrat voters that their votes don't matter, and they'd stay home for the general election...and then the Democrats lose the House and Senate BIG TIME. No: they have to be fairly certain that they can't get the White House, but if their voters show up and vote they can at least keep the House of Representatives, and maybe get the Senate, too. That won't happen if their voters stay home.

* * *

So I've been checking the usual news sites I read, trying to get confirmation, and so far there's been nothing about the health stateus of either Joe or Hunter Biden, and "no news is good news".

Which is not to say that there is nothing going on. Biden thought he was running against "George"--George W. Bush? George H.W. Bush? George Washington?

"What kind of country are we going to be? Four more years of George, uh, George, he, uh," Biden said.

His wife, quietly: "Trump."

"...going to find ourselves in a place where if Trump gets...."

"He was just talking to George Lopez!"

Of course. Whenever I am talking to someone, I do that. "So it looks like your hard drive is starting to fail, because that error is Pasquale, uh, Pasquale, uh, usually the first symptom."

No: Biden was about to say "Four more years of George Bush" and someone stopped him, or else he had just enough mental acuity to know that "George Bush" was wrong, but not enough to know what the right name is.

He wasn't randomly inserting George Lopez' given name into the sentence because he was answering a question put to him by George Lopez. He wasn't going to say, "Four more years of George Lopez."

Media, however, must protect Biden. And in the process, they make themselves look pathetic.

* * *

"Can I change my vote" searches on Googe reveal what the Hunter Biden Laptop has done for the Biden campaign.

...and by the way, a shitton of people waiting in line for "early voting" today. I'm going to vote on the day itself, and it's going to take whatever time it takes. I'm going to tell my boss tomorrow: "I'm going to vote on election day, and it may take a while. I'll be in as soon as I can."

* * *

"You'll bury everyone!" I am pretty certain that whatever is on that laptop, it still won't mean anyone of any real stature is going to jail. Even if there are videos of Obama himself getting it on with a couple of 10-year-olds, no one will be going to jail for what's on that machine. It'll all be glossed over.

By the way, it looks as if it's been confirmed that "photos and videos on Hunter's laptop are of his niece, Natalie Biden,... She was 14 years old at the time the pictures and videos were taken." Urgh.

* * *

Well, NYC is turning into Nazi Germany, anyway. "Jews For Trump" had a rally and now the commie mayor and governor are punishing the Jews for doing so. Quote: "We have a list."

Do I need to remind you who else had a list? Do I also need to remind you that Jews are the canary in the political coal mine, and any regime that does this kind of thing to them is one which will do it to all of us if it gets a chance?

* * *

It used to be that if you wanted to be high up in the American intelligence apparatus, you needed to know Russian fluently. Now it's Chinese.

* * *

Anyway, just finished bending the metal strap and fitting it to the hanger, so now I've got it screwed and glued in place and the Gorilla Glue needs to harden before I can put it back on.

...and that'll do for today.

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