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#7352: SO...TIRED....

Got up this morning to an emergency: near off-site had no phones or Internet in about half the facility. Had to rush through the morning ablutions and hie myself thither.

What happened? One of the network switches needed patching, so they patched it, and it locked up hard, taking down phones and network access across, as said, about half the place.

My job was to unplug a fiber optic cable, pull the adaptor it plugged into, power-cycle the switch, put the interface back in, and then reconnect the fiber cable. Once that had been done, the network was fully operational again and I was able to get on with my day.

Yesterday I ended up making five trips to the truck gate, which meant walking about as far as I could and still remain within the plant. Two trips in the morning because the kiosk computer that lets drivers check themselves in was showing as "off-line". Then, three in the afternoon, because several cameras went off-line.

In the email, I said, "I can go have a look at the switch; where is it?"

Guy: "Out by the truck gate, inside the fence, grey box. Bring a screwdriver."

Well, first I walked out to the kiosk, thinking there was a way to get in from there, but that was wrong, so I had to go all the way back to my office, get my PPE on, and then walk through the plant...only to find that the box in question was secured by hex bolts, not screws. Went back again for a wrench; took 3/8, 7/16, and 1/2, though I was pretty sure it was 7/16.

It was!

In the process of checking the switch on the power strip inside the box, of course my fat-fingered ass turned it off. But in fact when something's not working correctly, power-cycling it isn't going to hurt, and I would have done so anyway--I just hadn't intended to do it yet.

But that cleared up the problem; the cameras started responding and the kiosk issue went away.

At 4:55 got buttonholed by a user who had saved another file over one she'd worked on all day, and she was asking if I could recover it for her. Had she closed Excel? Yes. Had she reopened the file? Yes.

Me, to myself: *groan* I made a big show of trying to find a backup file on her system, because yes, Excel saves a backup file every ten minutes as long as the file is open...but all those temp files get deleted as soon as you close the program. I did an honest job of trying to find anything that would help her--at all--but I knew going in that I was probably wasting my time.

Ended up being at work until 5:30. Exit and exuent.

* * *

Anyway, got home from work today, had a PBJ, and just faded right out. *sigh*

* * *

The ACLU is a pox on the nation. They're just a bunch of commie creeps.

* * *

Delivery giant UPS confirmed Thursday it found a lost trove of documents that Fox News' Tucker Carlson said would provide revelations in the ever-growing scandal involving Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his overseas business dealings.
Short form: UPS just kind of loses the contents of a package in a situation where the loss of said contents would be awful convenient for Joe Biden. Hilarity ensues. But apparently UPS managed to find said contents.

If I were Tucker Carlson, I'd compare what UPS gave me to the copies of what was originally sent, because holy shit all this horseshit is awful f-ing convenient for the wrong people.

Brickmuppet discusses the matter, because he works for UPS and has some input on all this.

* * *

Disney sure is getting flensed by everything.

* * *

COVID holiday restrictions. Ingsoc has spoken.

Today, Limbaugh was talking about California's COVID-19 restrictions for the upcoming holidays.

Apparently the governor of CA's rules state that "3 households" are all that can get together, wear a mask before and after eating, "social distancing", blah blah blah--but my most visceral reaction came when he said, "No singing or chanting."

"Fuck you!" I snapped.

What are Californians supposed to do, then? Sit around watching TV (six feet apart!) with their masks on, go eat dinner (six feet apart!), and then return to watching tv (six feet apart!) all without talking to each other or making overly excessive merriment?

This is bullshit. It's just like Pritzger, here in Illinois, deciding to reinstitute the lockdowns. It's nothing but exercising political power for the sake of doing it. Nothing they're telling us to do will prevent the spread of the disease and it won't stop one death.

By the way--virtually zero flu deaths but about 2x the annual flu deaths caused by COVID-19. COVID-19 is this year's flu, folks, and that's all that it is.

* * *

More burn-loot-murder rioting over yet another stellar individual who was resisting arrest and threatening police with deadly force. Let us count the ways:
* 27...with nine children. We're sure he supported all of them adequately;
* in 2013 pled guilty to assault and resisting arrest after hitting a police officer;
* Four years later he pled guilty to robbery, assault, and possessing an instrument of crime after kicking down the door of a woman and putting a gun to her head;
* another dozen arrests in intervening years;
* another musical "artist" who rapped about shooting police officers and other people.
And that particular encounter marked the third time that police had been called on him that same day.

You know, I could understand the reaction of "the black community" if this guy had been on his way home from a choir meeting in a three-piece suit when the cops rolled up on him, harassed him, and shot him dead for no good reason; but that's not what happened. I could understand it if the decedent was a pillar of the community with no prior arrests and had not been committing any crimes before the police shot him. The rioting and the pillaging and the burning would make some modicum of sense to me if this were an actual real example of a black man being executed by racist police solely because he was black.

But that's not the case.

What happened is that you had a man armed with a knife chasing police around with it and threatening them with lethal bodily harm. He was a man who had a long criminal record including a prior conviction for assault on a police officer. There comes a point at which the behavior of the decedent simply goes beyond the pale, and where "they cops is raciss" just doesn't cut it any longer.

The calculus is pretty simple: if you don't want to be shot, do not threaten police with a weapon.

But that is, apparently, far too complex a concept for the BLM crowd.

* * *

Actually? BLM doesn't care about any of that. The point of the riot is the riot; law-abiding black people aren't being shot by police and no one's going to riot over getting ticketed for having limo tint on their front windows, so the marxist assholes of BLM have to lionize the criminals and the lunatics and make them their excuses for mob violence.

* * *

By the way, Marvel wonders why their audience is deserting them.

* * *

As for me--Mrs. Fungus had a big lunch and wasn't very hungry, so I just ordered a pizza. Now I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

* * *

...going on 10 PM, so it'll be bedtime soon; and no work done on the bedroom, still. Worse, the mystery odor is persisting, still without any obvious source.

I've been racking my brains trying to figure out what the hell it could be, and where it could be coming from, but it's 100% no answer. Okay, let's say that--I don't know--some animal got into the crawl space and died. If that's the case, the stink of its rotting body ought to get stronger when I open the bulkhead into the crawl space, right?

Or if it's in the attic, when I went up there I should have been able to smell it. Right? My nose should have led me right to it.

If anything is making a stench--rotten food, or a cat pooped behind the piano, or one of them barfed in the heat register, or stink bugs are having a jamboree--shouldn't the smell get stronger as you get closer to its source?

You open the door and walk in and you find yourself standing in a stinkbubble...which fades out if you move in any direction. But sitting in the family room, occasionally you'll get a whiff of it.

The pumpkin that's meant to be this year's jack-o-lantern got moved to the garage on the theory that it was getting overripe, and emitting gases. Not it, though the smell does kind of evoke rotting pumpkin. I've checked all the cat food, including the dry stuff. Not it. We threw out my wife's Sweetest Day roses. Not it (and I had stuck my nose into the vase and took a deep sniff and could smell only flowers and stale vase water).

There's no source for the smell that I can find, yet it persists. *sigh*

* * *

Anyway, Thursday's over; tomorrow is Friday. Looking forward to the weekend, I am.

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