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#7353: This is RIDICULOUS

See, here's the thing. Mrs. Fungus and I have been talking and talking and talking about new computers, and we finally decided to take the plunge and ordered us a couple of Skytech "Archangel" desktops from NewEgg.

We ordered them yesterday. To our delight, the system told us they would be delivered today "by 9 PM". Recalling that every time I've ordered stuff from UPS it hasn't arrived until after 5 PM, I thought that was fantastic.

They attempted delivery at 2:42 PM.

Went to the UPS web site and tried to arrange to pick the stuff up at the facility, but of course I can't do that without the little piece of paper they left stuck to my door! Oh no, I can't use my tracking number; it's got to be the number on the paper that's stuck to my front door! Considered leaving early but got stuck with two f-ing Adobe Acrobat problems and had to stay until 5.

Ducked out and got home, got the paper, tried to arrange to pick up--UPS site said, "No options."

Put in a request to have someone call me, waited about five minutes, then got the call...and the rep told me that the shipper--NewEgg--locked it down hard so the only options are to let them leave the things on the front porch, or to deliver to a neighbor.

Quoth UPS:
Sometimes the sender of the package tells UPS not to allow any changes to the delivery.

If you are logged in with your UPS My Choice® ID, or you tracked your package with the InfoNotice number left by the driver, and the delivery change you want is not available, you will need to contact the sender to discuss your options.

In these situations, we cannot override the sender's instructions.
So I contact the company we bought the computers from, and you know what they said? They said that because the boxes weighed more than 20 lbs, hub pickup was not an option, and they could only request that it be allowed, and it takes 24 hours to process such a request.

Me: "That's fantastic."

By the way? UPS hub isn't open on Saturdays, so I can't pick them up tomorrow--which means Monday is the earliest I can get the things now. So in order to get these computers, I need to do one of three INCONVENIENT things:

1) Stay home on Monday.
2) Ask one of my neighbors to receive the boxes for me. Assuming they'd be home, which is a big "if".
3) Let them leave the things to sit on my front porch for God knows how many hours.

Or, who knows, maybe NewEgg will actually tell UPS to let me change the delivery option so I can pick them up at the freaking hub Monday evening.

Anyway, left a ton of negative feedback at NewEgg's site about this.


Nothing worthwhile is accomplished easily.

* * *

Looks like businesses in blue cities expect Trump to win and the leftists to throw yet another huge tantrum over it.

* * *

To be a leftist you first must be a hypocrite. If you can afford a car with an $85,000 base price, you're rich. Sorry to break it to you, you motherfucking shithead.

He dismisses Trump supporters as "rich, racist, or stupid".

* * *

COVID-19 hasn't been much of a problem for the military. Weird how that works, huh?

* * *

So, the one with the "female 007" is so radioactive no one wants it. That's not exactly so. Asking price is $600 million, and the streaming services are willing to pay about half of that much. Movie cost $250 million to make. Ace said,
I said "I'm done" after Spectre.

It was so, so bad. It was a mix of the stupid corniness of the Roger Moore years, but with this gray, glacial boring "serious" tone. Trying to be all "serious' while they run campy Roger Moore "action" sequences.

And blofeld being Bond's brother? THAT WAS A JOKE THAT AUSTIN POWERS DID. And you're doing it for real?

And trying to be serious about it?
It won't be a big draw in theaters and it won't ever make back what it cost to produce, so they have a pretty big turd on their hands, I guess.

* * *

Tomorrow is Halloween.

I'm hoping to get a lot of car maintenance done this weekend. We'll see.

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