atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7355: What am I going to NAME it?

Still on Floristica, but I've started copying the data to an external drive.

New PC needs a name, a fictional world (preferably from anime that I've seen and liked) but so far nothing's come to me.

One bit of a problem with the new machine: no 3.5" drive mounts, which means I need to figure out where I'm going to put the HDD with the big data files on it.

Oh: started delving into the case to see what was what, and found a single 3.5" mount under the power supply. That'll do!

My data copy is complete. Now it's time to shut down Floristica and bring up...


"Fictional worlds". In my SF universe there's an ice world named "Elric", and since this thing's got a white exterior....?

No, that's stupid. People will think I named it after that Melnibonean poofter because he--being an albino--is white. But without Stormbringer, Elric is just a weak POS, and I'd have to double my investment here to get a video card worthy of a name.



Well, it's not a ship; it doesn't need to be named before it's launched. Anyway maybe something will occur to me while I'm working, and maybe not. I had a list, in this very blog, of potential names, but of course I now cannot find it; and the only name I can remember from it is "Catia", which I don't want to use and for which Googe says "no results".

How about "Titania"? Titania is the gas giant that the fictional world Achernar orbits (the world was originally named "Eden" but came just to be called by the name of the system primary).

Coren is the world where, in 5000 AD, they build the Microcosm...? Meh.

Lothlorien, forest world, one of only two single-biome planets in my universe, which is later taken from humans by hostile aliens...?

Meh. I'll work on this part later. Right now, it's time to shut down Floristica.

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