atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7357: Well, we're both up and running now

Took a bit. Once I was finished with my computer I had to make dinner, get decorations down from attic, and then hand out candy, and wash dishes, and make mole chicken, and roast pumpkin seeds, and watch The Shining while eating dinner with my wife.

During the movie I swapped the drives from her old PC into the new one. Now she's got everything pretty well setup except for a couple of things that she's working on as I type this.

WoW is on the SSDs that we bought last year (or the year before?) so all I had to do was move the physical drives over. Pretty cool.

So, once I got the latest drivers for the video card--which turns out to be a GeForce GTX-1660 Super--I was able to turn the video quality slider up to 10 in WoW and get 60 FPS, no problem. That's running at the Giganto-Tron's native resolution, by the way.

I might give the included keyboard a try, too. It's a damned nice one, illuminated and full-travel keys. Like a $80 keyboard if you bought it aftermarket.

The one thing I realized is that there is no place to put a DVD drive in this thing. I'm going to have to get an external.

The case is built well and has cable management built in so that nothing gets in the way of the RGB stuff being visible. Hiding the 3.5" HDD down by the power supply is also a nice touch. Overall they're pretty quiet machines, too, even though they have four case fans and one processor fan. Vents are covered with screening which is easily removable for cleaning.

Where my machine sits you can't see the techno-bling inside the case. But I might be able to move it to the other side of the desk and have it fit all right. The RGB stuff nicely illuminates the inside of the case, and is bright enough that I didn't need an extra light to plug in the second monitor when it came time to do that. And it shuts off when the machine goes to sleep.

Still have lots of stuff to install, but that's typical. The one sour note is Microsoft forcing me to create a Microsoft account when all I wanted was a local one. Oh well, not a big problem.

* * *

Look at it. LOOK AT IT!

* * *

And in just 30 minutes, it will be November.

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