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#7358: Now, November.

Yesterday was an eventful, busy day, with the holiday and new computers and such. I was up until "second 2 AM" and then hit the hay, and slept like the entire forest moon of Endor. I can't remember what time it was when I woke up to hit the can but the sun had started to come up. After that I returned to bed and slept more, and woke up at three PM, FFS. Trace of a headache, but feeling enormously rested, even so.

I woke up from a dream that contained, among other things, a discussion with someone about the utility and desirability of a positive inflation rate. Yes, a long complicated dream, and the part I remember is a discussion of economics. My subconscious sure knows how to party! *sigh*

* * *

I do remember, from my earlier period of wakefulness, standing in the bedroom and looking out the window at the full moon setting in the west, still visible over the neighbor's house in a pink and purple dawn sky, the wind howling in the trees.

This afternoon is clear and sunny, but chilly, and at 3:15 PM the sun is already low in the sky. Today it sets at 4:46, where it set at 5:47-ish yesterday. I am the only one in the house who is awake; my wife and all the cats are snoozing.

It now won't be long before the hours of daylight hit their nadir at the winter solstice. Having already had snow and sleet this autumn I feel as if it's going to be a long winter, but every time I've tried to predict what winter would be like I've been entirely wrong.

* * *

Every Halloween we watch The Shining. The following exchange came out of one viewing, and is now repeated every time we watch it:

Dick Halloran: Are you a "Winne" or a "Freddie"?
Windy: I'm a Windy!
Halloran:, Mr. Torrance, don't you worry 'bout nothin'--I'll kill her myself. I'll even hide the body fo' ya!

* * *

Oh, sweet child of innocence, how little you understand that a movement based in nothing but pure hatred can never long endure. This is why antifa have to wear masks; without them--if people could see their faces--they would have to account to others for the viciousness they spew. But sooner or later the masks come off.

* * *

They have Obama out there stumping for Biden, which--I am positive--just fills Obama with glee. The problem, of course, is that he's not drawing any crowds. People aren't turning out for Biden, not even if they get to see Obama instead, and the lack of crowds coupled with the fact that I'd wager Biden was never on Obama's personal short list for running mate anyway--well, I just remember in 2008 when they announced Biden's name and I was all, "Biden? Seriously?"

The exact quote is: "Wait...Biden?"

I didn't understand the pick, but in retrospect of course it was so that Obama would have a running mate that could lend some gravitas to his administration without overshadowing him or running the risk of people being able to say that so-and-so was telling Obama what to do (as was alleged in the case with George W. Bush, with Dick Cheney as his VP).

I'd bet that the Democrat leadership that let Obama get into that position in the first place gave him a short list of candidates and told him to pick one, and Biden was the least objectionable.

Regardless, now Obama's standing out there stumping for his former VP, and drawing handfuls of people, and that cannot be doing his ego any good at all.

* * *

Oof. $21,000 on cam girls. Yeeesh. Hunter Biden's laptop contains all kinds of compromising information, doesn't it?

* * *

Incidentally, the computer came with a gamer mouse, too, but this would be like the $29.95 gamer mouse. I held it in my left hand (which is the hand I use for mousing at home to prevent RSI) and didn't like how it fit. Good right-hand mouse, I'd expect; maybe I'll try using it at work. And then, maybe not. Microsoft ComfortMouse 4500 FTW.

* * *

It occurs to me again that I like all the seasons.

Every season has something to recommend it, I do believe, which is why I have never been able to settle on one as a favorite. Of course each season also has stuff that sucks.

On balance, though, autumn has always had a slight edge over the others. The weather is on the cool side of moderate, we get a spectacular explosion of color in the foliage (right before it drops off) and the color of daylight is warm gold. There is a little window of perhaps 15, 20 minutes in the late afternoon where the sunlight is that lovely color, and when the leaves are at their peak it's the most beautiful thing you ever saw.

* * *

I saw a herd of deer the other night--Thursday, I think. Must have been seven or eight of them in a field of corn stubble, the biggest number of white tails I ever saw together in one place. Sometime I'll have to post the video.

* * *

It's 4 PM and everyone is still snoozing. Well, what the heck: if you can't beat 'em....

ADDENDUM: The timestamp on the post is still on Daylight time or something. It's 3:58 PM as I add this, and I just sychronized the computer's clock with the time server. Cell phone and cable box confirm that time as correct.

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