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#7362: It smells all right in here.

Came home for lunch today, no real odor, just traces. Came home from work...nothing. A bit of a dusty smell from the staircase, maybe.

I have two boxes of baking soda and a box of carpet deodorizer which shall be applied in the appropriate places, but I think we're past the stink, finally.

* * *

Regarding Pritzker's (un)Fair Tax scheme, I finally figured out how they're going to make it pay immediate dividends--because I have no doubt that the Illinois Democrat machine will manufacture enough votes in its favor.

Here's the deal: the Illinois constitution says what form the tax must take, but it doesn't specify rates or anything else. That takes a law that must be passed by the legislature and signed by the governor yada yada. As the constitution is currently written, the legislature is bound to enact only a single-rate tax on all taxable income.

The proposed amendment is being sold on the premise that 97% of Illinois residents will see their taxes go down if they vote to pass it. But that is a lie. You see, if the amendment passes but the legislature does nothing, the 4.95% flat tax will remain in effect. The legislature must pass a law.

Of course they already have one all written up, needing only an affirmative vote to allow them to start deliberating it. Probably tomorrow, if the amendment passes. And guess what that new tax law will do?

If you guessed, "Raise taxes on anyone earning over the poverty line," you guessed right! If you guessed, "Tax the shit out of retirement income," you guessed right! If you guessed, "give billionaires like Pritzker himself a myriad of ways to avoid paying anything like the taxes they paid under the flat tax," you guessed right!

And then Pritzker will get up in front of the press and shake his head and deplore the shit out of what the legislature did. "This wasn't what I asked for," he'll say disgustedly. "Damn those Republicans in the legislature! Look at how they raised your taxes! But I don't have any choice! Illinois needs that revenue and my hands are tied! I have to sign it into law!"

...and then he'll waddle back to his office and put his feet up on the desk and light a cigar with a $100 bill and cackle gleefully as his secretary pops open the Dom and pours glasses for him and Madigan.


That was the detail that eluded me: a law has to be passed. And that law can be anything, and Pritzker can use "separation of powers" to cover his 5XL-sized ass...and in fact gives him room to pretend to be indignant about it.

* * *

Of course that big fat sack of crap is mis-handling the COVID-19 problem, too.

* * *

So, dumped half a box of carpet deodorizer downstairs by the door (where I transferred rot to garbage bags last night) and let it sit for a while, and then unclogged the vacuum cleaner so I could vacuum it up.

I'm not sure what it was--some kind of paper--but it got wadded up in the hose that connects the beater brush assembly with the suction hose, and then approximately eighty pounds of cat hair wadded up behind it. Last night I was using the suction hose (which is completely clear) to get the dirt off the stair treads, so it wasn't a problem then, but to vacuum the carpet I needed that connector hose clear. Got all the cat hair out and then was able to suck up the used carpet stuff.

Left two boxes of refrigerator-package baking soda down there to absorb other odors.

That stuff is neat: they have two tear-away panels which reveal the same kind of meshy-felty-paper stuff that they make dryer sheets out of, and that allows the air to get at the baking soda. Over time, the baking soda absorbs the stinks.

Also bought a box of regular cooking-package baking soda, to replace the one I expended last night on a futile attempt to de-stench the carpeting on the stairs.

Anyway, the next step is to drain whatever evil sludge remains in the freezer and remove whatever contents are left in it, then pull the lid off. I'll do that tomorrow, I think.

Right now, WoW.

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