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#7363: That was nice while it lasted

So: Joe Biden is going to be our 46th President for fifteen minutes or so--just long enough to satisfy the constitutional requirement--and then Kamala Harris will be our 47th. He's got 264 electoral votes; one state is enough to put him over the top. I expect that state to be Pennsylvania.

I say this because the Democrats have managed to manufacture enough votes to prevent Trump from the decisive win he needed. Wisconsin, for example, has more than a hundred thousand more votes cast than the state has registered voters. If you look at a graph of the number of votes each candidate got as they were counted up, there's a vertical line in the Biden vote tally where the fraudulent votes were added. Michigan has a similar curve: Trump is ahead of Biden until suddenly there's a step function that puts Biden in the lead.

Pennsylvania's governor has vowed to keep counting until Biden wins. Oh, he didn't put it that way; but he insisted that all the mail-in votes would be counted even if they were invalidated by not being postmarked or not being signed. That was after, by the way, they simply stopped counting last night--doubtless in order to give them time to figure out how many more votes they needed to manufacture for Biden.

"Vote by mail" is the mechanism that enabled the Democrats to steal this election. There are no controls on it; it was explicitly designed to make cheating easier. Little details, such as putting party affiliation on the outside of the envelope and not requiring any identity verification to request (unlike the case with absentee ballots, which do require identification).

Trump is, of course, filing court cases in several states, but the simple fact is that never in my lifetime has an invalid vote ever been tossed out. I have never heard a newsreader say, "During the recount, X many bad votes were removed from the tally because they turned out not to be legal votes." The numbers always went UP. Florida, 2000, hey we found 1,200 more Gore votes but we also found 1,193 more Bush votes, so the margin is slimmer but still pro-Bush. (Gore never had more votes in Florida than Bush did.)

The traditional strategy for Democrats is to recount, recount, recount, adding more votes for their guy every time, until he wins. That's how they stole the Senate seat for Al Franken in 2008.

Oddly enough, though, if Trump can make that stick--the idea that "more votes than voters" means culling the fraudulent votes--then it's possible that a couple of states could be flipped, and their electoral votes go to him instead.

Don't count on it.

Trump's not the kind of Republican that we're used to. A Jeb Bush or a Mitt Romney would have already conceded given that the states which remain in play right now are not enough to get Trump the 270 electoral votes needed for victory. (At least, I don't think they are.) But the thing is, not all the votes have been counted.

Oh, when a state's at 99%, you can pretty much call it a foregone conclusion--but several states are still well below that. Maryland is 75% counted and they called it for Biden, but Nevada is 75% counted and "undecided"...because the vote tallies favor Biden in Maryland, but Trump in Nevada. A significant number of votes are left to be counted, and the evidence of vote fraud in places like Wisconsin and Michigan are enough to be worth filing cases about.

Ultimately, though, in the unlikely event that Trump wins this, the left's temper tantrum will make the last four years look like a birthday party.

The funny thing: Republicans look to be holding on to the Senate, and gaining a few seats in the House (though of course not enough to take it over).

Holding on to the Senate means no packing of the Supreme Court, and no passing of huge mega-spending bills like "Green New Deal", and no gigantic tax increases. The only problem is, that just means that in 2022, when the mid-term elections occur, the mail-in vote cheating will concentrate on electing as many Democrat Senators as possible. That means that basically, with a Biden-Harris win, we've got two years of a semi-functioning republic left before we turn full communist.

And so in 2023 they will pack the Supreme Court with at least four hard-left judges, require registration of firearms, complete the popular vote compact so they can sidestep the electoral college, and socialize medicine.

* * *

2024's presidential election will end up going by popular vote, which means the coastal cities will elect the President. The last actual free and fair election we had was 2016, because the 2020 election had so much Democrat cheating taking place and the outside underdog actually won it, surprising everyone.

But the thing is?

2023, firearms will be registered, as soon as the Democrats have stolen enough Senate seats to get a majority there. 2024 or 2025, confiscation--and that is when the civil war begins, because there are a hell of a lot of people who will not give up their guns. The feds will have to dig through their archives of background check paperwork to build anything like a semi-accurate database of who owns what--that may slow things down a bit, and might not, depending. Maybe President Harris will issue an executive order authorizing the BATF to start building that database the same day she's inaugurated, even if they can't actually use it before the law is changed to allow them to maintain such a database (because at present, they are prevented from doing so).

So they'll come to your address and knock on your door and present you with a list of guns you own, and tell you that they are here to "recover" them in accordance with federal law. Soldiers, no doubt, because fuck posse comitatus when it comes to realizing the grand leftist dream of disarming the American public, and anyway laws are for the people, not government. How will you feel, looking at the pintle-mounted .50 BMG aimed at your front door while the guy hands you the list?

By the way, there won't be a search warrant or any other kind of court document. Go ahead and insist on them having one, because that .50 BMG will shoot right through that door, no matter how hard you slam it in their faces.

* * *

Now that the election is essentially over, I can see all this as clearly as the screen in front of me. We allowed the Democrats to cheat their way into power, and we will not be allowed to vote them out.

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