atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7364: Vote fraud, wholesale

You think I'm making that up?

In Pennsylvania they "found" a box of 23,277 votes, all for Biden.

Wisconsin has something like a hundred thousand more votes than it does registered voters. Idiot comment:
They report more voters than registered because Wisconsin has same-day voter registration, you inconceivable ignoramus.
Sure! Wisconsin's population is 5.8 million people--so, 1.7% of the population just decided to up and register to vote on election day, eh? I won't say it's impossible that a hundred thousand people could be utterly unmotivated to register to vote until the day of the election, and then decide to vote, and...shazam! Dang what you mean I'm not registered to vote?

...but it beggars credulity to claim such. Especially because I--by comparing the extra ballots to the state population--am being extremely generous. You see, not every resident of Wisconsin is eligible to vote; some are foreigners, some are minors, some simply aren't registered.

The actual results are such that some 104% of the voting public has voted in Wisconsin.

ANd in Michigan they found 138,339 votes, all for Biden. Michigan has a population of approximately 10 million. So in Michigan apparely 1.4% of the population up and decided to register for the vote today...and coincidentally they were all Biden voters.

Totally not election fraud! Right? We don't need voter ID laws or anything of the sort!

Graphs of the vote tallies over time for Wisconsin and Michigan have step functions in them, where the counts for Biden increased instantaneously to pass Trump. Almost as if someone brought in a case of votes that was 100% for Biden.

Trump could get Arizona back.

Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, and Georgia are still counting. Together they make 57 electoral votes, which are enough to put Trump over 270. Arizona is 11 but if he gets Arizona, he can only afford to lose Nevada and still get a win. PN has 20 votes, which means that Pennsylvania decides the election, and they're going to go Biden regardless of what the voting public decided.

Trump is going to fight, though. He's not going to concede. The one upside in this whole tangled mess is that Trump fights, and what's more, he fights to win. There is plenty of obvious evidence of vote fraud, and hopefully that will be enough.

" the real test of President Donald Trump," Vox Day says, but I'm kind of mad at him because he predicted TRUMPSLIDE 2020. I was expecting--hoping for--something that looked like a repeat of the 1972 elections when every state in the union save Massachusetts voted for Nixon. Hearing about the massive rallies and the energy and everything I thought there was going to be an overwhelming wave of Republican votes.

Trump will fight to the very end. At least we have that in our favor.

* * *

The one bright spot from where I sit? PRITZKER'S STUPID (UN)FAIR TAX SCHEME FAILED!!!

That's right! That means the millionaires and billionaires who infest the halls of government will have to pay the same tax rate we little folks do, no ifs ands or buts! They're going to impose a 20% tax increase (raising our rate from 4.95% to 6%) but taxes were going to rise regardless. At least this way, those useless festering shitpots will have to pay a political price for doing it!

* * *

Ace claims the House of Representatives is in play. I don't have Ace's confidence in that, but it's also true that Fox News has not exactly covered itself in glory during this whole election cycle.

If the GOP retains the Senate and gets the House, then a Democrat theft of control of the legislature in 2022 becomes more difficult. Not impossible, but harder...and then the GOP can spend 2021 and 2022 investigating Harris like Congress did Trump.

* * *

The final bit I have right now is this: if Trump wins--if he somehow manages to eke out a victory from this shitshow--then eliminating vote fraud must be his first priority. If GOP gains control of both houses of Congress then they must put through new federal standards for collecting and tallying votes in federal elections, and those standards must include the requirement that voters show a government-issued photo ID in order to vote in any way, shape, or form.

And penalties for committing vote fraud must be harsh, and universally applied to all who incur them.

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